3.2 Belize Transporters

The transportation industry in Belize faces constraints due to poor infrastructure. Several projects have been suspended since 2004 when austerity measures were implemented. During the wet season, major roads and sections of highways are subject to closures due to possible damages. 

The Belizean Ministry of Works and Transport estimates that there are slightly over 3,000 truckers in the country. 80 percent are involved in the agricultural sector and particularly the sugar industry in one way or the other.

Truckers in Belize have two major points of entry into the country, which also serve as exit points. The first entry point is between the towns Subteniente Lopez and Santa Elena, located on each side of the Mexico-Belize border point. Once customs and immigration officials have approved the vehicle permit and stamped the passport of the driver and other passengers, drivers need to purchase insurance for the duration of their stay from the Insurance Corporation of Belize. The vehicle permit is used in the vehicle importation process. The other point of entry is between the towns Benque Viejo del Carmen and Melchor de Mencos, located on each side of the Belize-Guatemala border.

Because most trucks are dedicated to supporting industry and farming activities, it is sometimes complicated to get a company to do freight transportation.  

For more information on transport company contact details, please see the following link: 

4.8 Transporter Contact List


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