3.2 Bangladesh Transporters


The transport and communication system is a vital physical infrastructure for the socio-economic development of a country. Transport network and proper transportation system is very important for the economic growth of any country. Transport also plays vital role in Logistics activities and other humanitarian activities. According to Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS), the contribution of the transport and communication sector to GDP was 11.13 percent and the rate of growth was 6.58 percent during FY2017-18. In context of globalisation and the market economy involvement with regional and international transport international networking is crucial for Bangladesh. Due to geographical advantages Bangladesh is blessed to have all means of transportation system. Bangladesh is very well connected internationally and internally by Road, Rail, Air and Water.

In Bangladesh lots of projects/programmes are being implemented on priority basis in order to develop a well-knit and efficient transport and communication system that would synchronise with international and regional transport, information and other communication networks. Bangladesh has been developing it’s Road, Bridge, Railway, Waterway, Shipping and Airway facilities continuously. Keeping pace with that the transport sectors also being developed both by the govt and private owners. Bangladeshi land transport is essentially in the hands of the private sector except the only body-BRTC. In the same way, Water transport sector is also led by the private owners whereas BIWTC contribute a small portion. Following are the means of Transportation in Bangladesh.

Railway Transportation

To make a dependable, affordable, environment friendly and compatible mass-transport system the Railway Division was transformed into a separate Ministry on 4 December 2011. Bangladesh Railway at present having 2877.10 Km of railway line. It operates Total 348 Passenger trains and 6 Container trains & 20-25 goods trains daily. Railway connected almost all-important places of 44 civil districts and plays important role in the economy. It is one of the most safe and economic means of transportation after waterways. Bangladesh Railway is maintained by its own resouses under the ministry of Railway.

Inland Water Transportation

In Bangladesh, being a country with many rivers, Inland Water Transport (IWT), is a major mode for the transport of goods and people. IWT is important for the poor as well as it is the cheapest mode of transport compared to road or rail. Total length of rivers in Bangladesh is estimated to be in the range of some 24,000 kilometers, providing a very high degree of penetration. Out of this total, 6,000 kilometers are accessible for movement of modern mechanized vessels during the monsoon season, and out of this, some 3,800 kilometers are navigable around the year. Country boats, in the number of several hundred thousand, are traditional vessels which have been plying inland and coastal waters for hundreds of years and which play a key role as a rural mode of transport of goods and people. Inland ports and other facilities include 11 major inland ports, 23 coastal island ports, 133 launch stations and more than 1,000 minor landing points located in rural areas. Bangladesh government through BIWTC and different private stakeholders are operating in internal riverine routes and Bangladesh Shipping Corporation is operating at international routes. List of few Riverine companies engaged in carrying Cargo are shown at Art 4.10 Page no 497

Air Transportation

Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB) renders its services to regulate and to develop required aviation facilities in Bangladesh for national and international air transportation. Civil Aviation Authority installs, maintains and operates aerodromes, air traffic, air navigation and telecommunication services and facilities. All other aviation related ground services and facilities are also ensured by CAAB for safe and smooth aircraft operation within the territorial air space of the country. At present CAAB operates 3 international airports and 5 domestic airports. Total 7 Short Take-Off and Landing (STOL) ports are there but not in operation except in emergency or military use.

Biman Bangladesh Airlines being the national flag carrier operates in 7 domestic and 16 International destinations. Biman has a rich and modern fleet consisting of total 16 Aircrafts of different size (4x 787-8, 4x 777-300ER, 6x737-800 and 2xDASH-8). Biman is continuously working to enhance its fleet capability by leasing more appropriate capacity aircraft commensurate with market demand and serve the valued passengers at home and abroad.

In addition to them 4 private Airliners are operating regular Domestic and Regional Flights including Middle-eastern countries. There are 10/12 Private entrepreneurs are also operating Helicopters for passenger, Cargo and emergency medical supports. At present more than 20 international airlines maintain their schedule flights in Bangladesh. List of Private Airlines, Helicopters and International Airliners are shown at Art 4.9 Page no 494.

Road Transportation

The total length of road in the country is 21,302.08 km, of which 18,202.06 km is paved, under the management of Roads and Highways Department. Out of the total road network under this department, 3,812.78 km is National Highway (17.90%), 4,246.97 km Regional Highway (19.94%) and remaining 13,242.30 km is Zila roads (62.16%). In addition, RHD has 4,404 bridges and 14,814 culverts under its control. Moreover, RHD has currently been operating about 96 ferry boats in 41 ferry Ghats on its road network throughout the country. Both Public and Private transporters are engaged in operating in those roads.

Public transportation

Public Transportation system both for Passengers and Cargo carrying are managed by the single government entity named BRTC. Details of such services are below: 

Passengers services

BRTC operates three international bus lines (Dhaka to Kolkata, Agartala, and Siliguri in India). Inside Bangladesh, it operates inter-district bus services through its bus depots in Chattogram, Bogura, Cumilla, Pabna, Rangpur, Barisal and Sylhet. It also operates intra-city bus services in many major cities of the country. At present, BRTC has a fleet of 1,449 buses.

 Cargo services

For transportation of cargo, BRTC operates a fleet of approximately 170 trucks. The primary objectives of this division were to carry government food stocks (for the DG Food), relief items during humanitarian operations, fertilizers, etc throughout Bangladesh. About twenty percent of the government food transport uses BRTC's trucks. The two main truck depots are located at Dhaka and Chattogram. Cargo trucks service is also available for private hiring. Hiring and details fare chart are available from BRTC’s offices.

BRTC Bus Depots


9333803 & 01714-293920


9261443 & 01711-435213


58951778 & 01711-302124


7646915 & 01712-187790


9002531 & 01818-485388



Double Decker

9002395 & 01711-391514


081-61988 & 01716-684144





Gabtoli (Utholi) 



031-683423 & 01919-465266




051-66145 & 01718-700478


0731-64768 & 01711-302124


0521-64110 & 01817-782866


041-786143 & 01714-240653


0431-63793 & 01717-438644



BRTC Truck Depot Booking Office



Contact No.



Dinajpur & Rangpur Booking Office


Md. Mominur Rahman


Rajshahi Booking Office


Md. Abdul Majid Bhuiyan


Bogura Booking Office


Md. Faridul Islam Khan


Faridpur Booking Office


Md Habibur Rahman Talukdar


Khulna Booking Office


Shree Niranjan Ojha


Mymensingh Booking Office


Md. Anowar Hosen


Daudkandi Booking Office


Md. Shafique


Sylhet Booking Office


Indrojit Bhattacharya

 Private transportation

As for other sectors, the transportation sector is highly fragmented, geographically localized, and very few companies have national operations and fleet. The largest companies focus near the country’s main logistics hubs: Chattogram, Dhaka, Khulna, etc. The large majority of the fleet consists of small trucks between 5 and 15 MT. Few trailers because all the road network and local infrastructure for loading / unloading do not allow the transport of containers. The logistic service companies (Shipping companies, Custom Clearance agencies, Freight Forwarders, etc.), have lists of carriers with whom they usually work and may share their information.

Similarly, regional and district offices of the DG Food of the Ministry of Food and Disaster Management make a call for tenders from local transport companies and edit a short list of local carriers with whom they work for 2 years. These lists can be obtained from DG Food’s local (DC Food) or regional (RC Food) offices. However a non exhaustive List of Private Transporters are shown at Art 4.16 Page no 525

Vehicle rental and taxi services

In addition to the above transportation facilities ther are arrangements for short terms and within city type services available. These servise are in different names and forms. However a list of vehicle rental service providers is shown at Art 4.14 Page Number 516 details of taxi services is shown below:

Taxi Services

In Bangladesh 7/10 Taxi Companies had been operating but very few of them are reliable and recommended for expatriates. The “yellow cabs” (yellow color taxis) are usually more organized and can be called by phone. Usually, companies will prefer renting car with drivers rather than using taxis. Generally when staying for short duration or for lifts only it is better to use Taxi or Uber. Details of few Taxi Cabs plying in Dhaka city:


Cab Express (Bangladesh) Ltd TOMA TAXI

Toma Tower, 77 Bir Uttam Samsul Alam Sarak, Dhaka- 1000

09612667070, +88 018 66 66 70 70 & 01755667070


Navana Taxi Cab Co. Ltd


125/A, Motijheel Commercial Area, Post Box: 3301 Dhaka-1000



Trust Transport Services Ltd

TRUST Taxi Cab

House: 97/A, Road: 09, Cantonment Bazaar, Dhaka Cantonment.


Mobile +8801755667171

Other transport facilities:

  1. UBER- This is a very much available transport service at the moment for any kind of movement within Dhaka City. One need to download the apps on the Android Cell phone or laptop and follow the procedure. Its very friendly to use, ehicles are available, its also cheaper.
  2. PATHAO- It is also same type of service available in Dhaka City.
  3. OBHAI- Same type of transportation system.
  4. SHOHOZ – This is also same kind of transportation provider.


Online and Android truck services (TruckLagbe)

TruckLagbe Network is the first and the largest online platform in Bangladesh to hire pickup, truck or covered van in minutes. Vehicle of all size and shapes are available throughout the country for hire. Starting from a 1Ton 7 feet Tata Ace to a DAF 40feet Trailer Truck, our vehicles are ready to serve you. Thousands of vehicles have registered in this network from all over the country. All those vehicles are verified.  Moreover, it is easy to access to the location* of your hired vehicle through TruckLagbe from the moment of hire till the end of the shipment. Contact details:

House 221, Road 15, Mohakhali DOHS
1206 Dhaka, Bangladesh





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Please note: WFP / Logistics Cluster maintain complete impartiality and are not in a position to endorse, comment on any company's suitability as a reputable service provider.

For information on Bangladesh Transporters contact details, please see the following link: 

4.8 Bangladesh Transporter Contact List

For information on Bangladesh Transporters details and fleet size information, please see the following link: 

Bangladesh Transporters Details & Fleet Information

Note: The information provided in the attached documents, which has been taken from the old DLCA, does not match the structure of the new LCA and is therefore provided separately.

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