3 Mozambique Services and Supply

Mozambique consumes and imports close to one million tons of oil per year, the bulk of which is in the form of diesel.

At present, there is no oil refinery in the country – all refined products must therefore be imported. The storage capacity of oil products in the country is over 750,000 tons.

There are plans to build a joint (Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe) refinery (10,000 bpd) in Nacala, which may happen soon, given the current economic development prospects in the country.

The state-owned Oil Company Petromoc has a 40% market share of distribution and marketing of fuel products and lubricants. Other companies include BP, Total, Galp, Puma, and Engen. There are four main oil terminals in the ports of Maputo, Beira, Nacala and Pemba, and close to 400 filling stations throughout the country.

There is a pipeline between Beira and Harare operating at near full capacity.

Gas has recently become an important source of energy for both industrial and domestic use in the south of the country, due to the exploitation of gas in the Inhambane province.

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