South Africa
2.7 South Africa Milling Assessment

The maize milling industry employs approximately 5,300 workers . The average milling capacity utilisation is 3.7 million tonnes or 79.5% of the available capacity. The potential capacity is in the order of 5 million tonnes. 22 companies generate 85% of all maize milled within the country. The top 4 players are Pioneer, Premier Foods, Pride Milling and Tiger Brands. Large and very large millers mill over 4 Metric Tons (MT) per hour, whilst Medium-scale millers mill 1 to 4 MT per hour and Small-scale mills are involved in village level processing of 100kg to 1 MT per hour. To be successful small scale millers must overcome the following constraints in addition to high transport costs, the availability of maize and access to storage facilities.

Three products are produced by the milling industry: super maize-meal for human consumption, Special maize meal and maize for animal feed. Vertical Integration is high in the industry.

The grain milling sector plays a vital role in food security as its products are the primary ingredients of South Africa's staple foods, and the sector is a major determinant of the price of maize meal and bread. Pest infestation, droughts and other effects of climate change pose a threat to grain production and in the 2018/19 production season, most summer crop harvests fell due to dry weather conditions at the start of the season.

The cost of food manufacturing is influenced by the price of raw commodities and by non-food inputs such electricity, labour, packaging material and fuel. Transport and logistics can account for almost 35% of the final cost of maize products, and almost all freight in South Africa is transported by road, which is 30% more costly than rail.

For more information on milling company contact details, please see the following link: 4.6 Storage and Milling Companies Contact List.

Pride Milling Company

Company Name and Address

Contact Names and  Email

Telephone and  Fax

Pride Milling

Stasie Street, Leslie, Leandra

Mpumalanga, South Africa, 2265

Tel: 017 683 0050


Summary of Role and Services


Other Equipment or Machinery Installed

Type of Equipment


Fortification Feeder


Bag Cleaning Plant


Moisture Tester


De-stoning Plant


Metal Extractor



Distance from Main Town (km)


Travel Time if not Located in Town (hours)


Road Condition to Mill


Road Limitations (if any)

Maximum Width and Max. Tonnage

Rail Connections

Yes / No

On the Railway From




Other Comments


Milling Capacity


Daily Capacity (MT)

Monthly Activity (MT)







Storage Capacity

Storage in Metric Tons

Wheat – Covered (MT)

Flour – Covered (MT)

Within the Compound



Outside the Compound

Loading & Discharge Rates

34 MT per hour

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