2.6.4 Mozambique Storage Assessment - Quelimane

Quelimane is the administrative capital of the Zambezia Province, located at the costal central region in Mozambique.  The city stands 25 km from the mouth of the Rio dos Bons Sinais. Quelimane, along with much of Zambezia Province, is extremely prone to floods during Mozambique's rainy season. Commercial storage facilities exist, but a few of them are reliable. Due to climate conditions, rodents and frequent infestation are the main constraints when it comes to warehouse management in Quelimane.

For more information on storage company contact details, please see the following link: 4.6 Storage and Milling Companies Contact List.

Commercial Storage



Available for Rent


Type [1]

Access [2]

Condition [3]

Quelimane Arif


TBC Concrete Flat TBC
Quelimane MZM Yes TBC Concrete Flat TBC

[1] Warehouse Type: Open storage, container, rub-hall, silo, concrete, other, unspecified
[2] Warehouse Access: Raised-siding, flat
[3] Warehouse condition: Appears intact, appears damaged, under construction/repair

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