2.5 Zambia Waterways Assessment

Zambia being a landlocked country is endowed with inland water bodies such as rivers and lakes. Though this sector is underdeveloped, the country has potential for development of an effective water transport system. The Mpulungu Harbor which is Zambia’s only international port is a potential gateway to the great lakes region.

There are some maritime activities on Lake Mweru located in the Luapula Province. Smaller vessels operated mainly by locals shunts between Nchelenge town on the Zambian side and Kilwa on the DRC side. In the recent past, mining companies such as Anvil have had large scale mining operations in the DRC and to move their cargo they had often used Lake Mweru. Other maritime bodies with potential for water transport include; Lake Mweru, Lake Kariba, River Zambezi and the Kafue River.

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