2.5 Haiti Milling Assessment

Haiti Milling Assessment

Only one proper mill exists in Haiti. It was recently refurbished (2010/2011). However, most of the flour consumed in Haiti is imported, even if this mill has enormous potential and even has a private harbor to receive bulk commodities directly at the facility.

Les Moulins d'Haiti (LMH) are located on Route Nationale No 1 in Lafiteau (18.6921979N, 72.3555172W), a few kilometers North of Port-au-Prince, and operates two flour mills and a corn mill.

The facility sold over 170,000 mt of wheat flour in 2009. However, the activities of the mills had been abruptly halted following the destruction of its facilities during the 2010 earthquake. Thanks to an agreement between the Government of Haiti and private shareholders it was possible to rebuild this industrial plant. Since December 2011 the wheat mills are again fully operational with a capacity of 1,200 mt per day. In addition a corn mill has been built with a capacity of 120 mt per day. Over 400 people are working in this plant. The new facility is reportedly the largest of the Caribbean.

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Haiti LMH Dock Tariff No. 1

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