2.5 Guatemala Waterways Assessment

Most of navigable rivers have limited commercial purposes and mainly are used by locals for transporting agricultural products, such as:  Sarstun, Polochic, Rio Dulce, La Pasion located at Peten Lowland).  Due to the topographic characteristics of the country, most of navigable rivers are in the Atlantic zone, with an estimate of 1,035 km in rivers and 104 km in lakes.

On the other hand there is no significant river or lake commercial transport in Guatemala. Some ferries or small boats are providing passenger transport including touristic transport on the Lake Amatitlán or from Belize (Punta Gorda) to Puerto Barrios and from Puerto Barrios to Livingston.

On emergency level during the Covid 19 pandemic  the Guatemalan Army, in joint efforts with  the Marine Infantry Brigade, supported the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance (MSPAS), in the transportation by river and sea of ​​vaccines against the Coronavirus, COVID-19, to the Camelias villages , La Bacadilla and Punta Arenas, Río Dulce and Livingston, in the department of Izabal. Several of these communities are difficult to access by land.

For more information on government contact details, please see the following link: 4.1 Government Contact List.

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