2.4 Iraq Railway Assessment


The Railways has 10 trains solely for cargo (petroleum components and another commodity) and 16 passenger trains.

The railway lines currently operate as bellow:

Baghdad – Hillah – Diwaniyah- Samawah –Nasiriya -Basra

Baghdad – Samarra

Baghdad – Musayib – Karbala

Baghdad – Al- Fallujah- Ramadi

New lines opening soon will be:

Baghdad – Baiji – Kirkuk

Baghdad – Ninawa

The railroad company is constructing a railroad network that stretch from Basra to Turkey towards linking the gulf countries with Europe. The railroad length is expected to be 1,243 Km. The line will be used to passengers and commodities transportation with capacity of transporting 1 M passengers and 55 MT of commodities annually. 

Commodities Movement

The railroad offers commodities transportation from Basra – Um Qasr to Baghdad by investor company. The customs clearance process is conducted at the arrival point in Baghdad. Additionally, the Iraqi railroad company has storage space in Baghdad that can be rented by humanitarian organization.

Railway Companies

General Company of Iraq Railway, Ministry of Transportation, Alawi Area, Baghdad

Deputy Director contact information can be shared upon request:

Phone No: +964 771 412 99 56

Web site:

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