2.3.3 Iraq Border Crossing of Munthrya


The latest information on the Muntyra/Khosravi border crossing with Iraq/Iran was updated in December 2018 over the phone.  

Trucks moving through this border crossing can travel to Sulaymaniyah and Baghdad. Prior permission from the General Authority of border crossings. There are no further clearances required to travel to Sulaymaniyah once having crossed the border. 

At the time of assessment the border was open but no trucks were seen crossing or parked in the truck bay area. 


Name of Border Crossing:

Munthrya, Iraq

Khosravi, Iran

Province or District:

Munthrya, Khanaqin district, Diyala, Iraq

Khosravi, Kermanshah, Iran

Nearest Town or City:

Khanaqin (9 km)

Diyala (90 km)





Managing Authority/Agency:

General Customs Agency (Baghdad) 

General Authority of border crossings    

Contact Person

Colonel Muhammad Judah, Border Director 


Bashr / Customs Police 07802209940 

Travel Times

Nearest International Airports:

Baghdad International Airport (230 km)
Truck: approx. 10 hrs
Car: 3.5 hrs

Sulaymaniyah (250 km)
Truck: approx. 10 hrs
Car: 3.5hrs

Nearest Ports:

Umm Qasr (750 km)
Truck: approx. 24 hrs
Car: 8 hrs

Banda Abbas, Iran: (approx. 1,700 km)
Truck: approx. 50 hrs
Car: approx. 21 hrs

Nearest Major Market:


Khanaqin: (9 km)
Truck:  approx. 1 hr
Car: 20 minutes

Other Information:


The first fuel station is available 7 km from the border on the road to Khanaqin.

The road from Sulaymaniyah to the Munthrya/Khosravi border crossing point is approximately 226 km and can be classified as a finished surface road, with dirt/stone shoulders. 
It alternates from 4 lanes divided near urban centres to 2 lanes in the countryside between urban areas. The entire route is capable of supporting up to and including fully loaded 40 ft. tractor-trailer type trucks. 

The drive in a Toyota Land Cruiser was approximately 4 hours in fair weather.  It is approximated for truck traffic to take from 6 – 10 hours depending on seasonal climatic conditions. 
In the mountainous areas, vicinity of Darbandikhan, it may even close if severe winter weather is experienced.     

Hours of Operation


24 hrs


24 hrs


24 hrs


24 hrs


24 hrs


24 hrs


24 hrs


The border crossing is closed on both sides for all Iraqi and Iranian official holidays



Daily Capacity

  • Capacity is 400 trucks per day
  • Currently 10-12 trucks per day are crossing from Iran. Previously this was about 200 trucks per day.
  • There are currently no trucks crossing from Iraq to Iran.
  • There are separate lanes for trucks, cars and buses. Cars crossing must have prior permission to cross from customs at the border.
  • To date no Humanitarian agencies have used this crossing.
  • There is an available weighbridge and truck parking for up to 400 trucks.
  • There is no storage space available.
  • There is no restriction on size/tonnage of trucks or use of temperature controlled trucks when importing supplies that require temperature control.
  • Iranian trucks can move freely across the border or can be cross loaded as required.

Customs Clearance 

  • If all paperwork is in order the transit time at the border is 1-2 hrs.
  •  Trucks crossing into Iraq will go through a security check and then items scanned by sonar. The trucks will then proceed to the weighbridge and onto customs.
  •  Tax exemption available for Humanitarian agencies on provision of appropriate paperwork. The process needs to start in Baghdad. General Customs in Baghdad will then send the information to the border authorizing/not authorizing the crossing.
  • All food certificates must be supplied. Must be inspected by Quality Control Ministry of Planning.  
  • If food is transiting through Iran to Iraq food testing will take approx. 2-3 days. Trucks can continue to final destination however no distribution permitted until the food test results are available.
  • For medicines and vaccines, the border will need to receive the documentation from the General Customs in Baghdad and, from MoH in Baghdad, the request with the list of medicines and/or vaccines, with medicines test results from MoH in Baghdad or (Country of origin).
  • There is no restriction of type of commodities/items or where they originate from.
  • There is a charge of ID 41,000 cost tax for inspection (US $25) for the manifest sheet and ID 1,000 per ton at the weighbridge.
  •  There are approximately 25 Clearing Agents, who are required to renew their licenses annually. For contact information for these clearing agents, please see the following document: Munthrya Clearing Agents List
  •  For procedures and documentation requirements for specific items, please see the following link: 1.3 Iraq Customs Information

Other Relevant Information

  • If trucks were to be re-routed from Ibrahim Khalil border crossing to Munthrya, permission to cross is required from General Authority of border crossings Baghdad and for Customs issues Ministry of Finance. 
  • Note that travel times to Baghdad are dependent on security and access.
  • Trucks travelling to Baghdad with no restrictions takes approximately 6 hours.
  • Trucks travelling to Baghdad via Khanaqin-Naft khana-Mandali, Bald Ruz-Kanan-Baqubah-Baghdad is 220 km and takes approximately 6 hours. Permission is required from Ministry of Interior to use this road.
  • Trucks travelling to Baghdad via Khanaqin-Sadiyah-Miqdadiyah-Baghdad is 170 km and takes approximately 3 hours. Restrictions apply and permission is required from Ministry of Interior to use this road.
  • Trucks travelling to Sulaymaniyah take approximately 4 hours. 

For information on government contacts, please see the following link: 4.1 Iraq Government Contact List


First entrance to the border crossing


Second gate entrance

Main office on left

Border crossing gate in distance


Munthrya facility

Truck parking area

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