2.3.1 Sudan Land Border Crossings

The significant international corridor for transit traffic is through the gateway Port of Port Sudan, a multi-faceted port that is able to receive and dispatch traffic by road, rail, linking to barges and combinations thereof: 

  • Port Sudan to Chad. 
  • Port Sudan to Ethiopia 
  • Port Sudan to the Republic of South Sudan, through combinations of  Rail, Road and River barges. 

There are no ‘cost’ or ‘time’ effective corridors into the Republic of Sudan, from the neighbouring countries.  

There are road corridors into South Sudan from Sudan. These routes are currently used by WFP to deliver humanitarian relief items to South Sudan, based on an agreement signed between the two respective governments in June 2014 authorising the movement of humanitarian assistance from Sudan to conflict affected communities in South Sudan. The MoU designates WFP as the sole agency responsible for the transportation of humanitarian cargo from Sudan to South Sudan.  


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