2.3 Tuvalu Road Network

The total surfaced length of the upgraded road network is 15.5 km with an average width of 5 meters. The traffic loading is generally light and the total number of vehicles on the Island is approximately 1,200 units. The spectrum consists mainly of motor bikes (75%), motor vehicles (20%) and the remaining 5% light medium and heavy commercial vehicles. 

The main roads on Funafuti are paved, but other roads and on other islands are generally unpaved. Animals and unwary pedestrians walking in the road make night driving on unlit secondary roads hazardous.  

King tides and storms can result in debris on roads due to the country’s low topography. 

Due to the small size of Tuvalu the road network is adequate for its needs. Resurfacing work of the main roads was carried out in 2017. 

For more information on government contact details, please see the following link: 4.1 Government Contact List 

Road Security 

There are no security issues with the road network in Tuvalu.

Weighbridges and Axle Load Limits 

There are no weighbridges, axle load limits or land border crossings in Tuvalu.

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