2.2.1 Zimbabwe Mugabe International Airport

Harare International Airport is an international airport in Harare, Zimbabwe. It is the largest airport in the country and serves as the base of Air Zimbabwe. The airport is operated by the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe. The International Terminal at Harare International Airport was opened in 2000 but the airport has not met the optimum operating capacity since. It is a beautiful building, drawing architectural influence from the ancient buildings of Great Zimbabwe, and finished in local materials such as black granite, etc. Due to the current economic situation, there are fewer commercial flights in and out-bound.

This is a joint Military and Civilian Airport. The airport's runway, at 4,725 metres (15,502 ft), is currently one of the longest in Africa. It is longer than all of the runways at OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa, with the longest runway at OR Tambo measuring 4,418 metres (14,495 ft). The reason for this is that both are "hot and high" airports requiring long take-off runs. The Harare International airport is currently refurbishing and lengthening the current runway which will result in it being the longest runaway in Africa at over 5,000 metres (16,000 ft). (Source: The Africa Report) The runway is used by both the civilian airport and the Air Force of Zimbabwe whose base is on the southern side of the runway.


Location Details
Country Zimbabwe Latitude -17.93181
Province / District Mashonaland Central Longitude 31.09285
Town or City (Closest) Harare Elevation (ft and m) 4,887 ft / 1,490 m
Airfield Name Harare International Airport IATA and ICAO Codes


Open From (hours) 08:00     Open To (hours) 18:30




Runway #1

Runway Dimensions

Length 4,725 m X Width 46 m






The second runway is underused but still operational.

Runway #2

Runway Dimensions

Length 4,725 m X Width 46 m





Helicopter Pad(s)

Helicopter Landing Pads are not a formal/designated facility at the Harare International Airport. If prior arrangements are made then provision will be made for an informal landing zone. The strength of the apron is such that it can carry the largest of helicopters.

The helipads are not located for commercial use and are situated across the runway on the military base. However, the runway can be used for any heli-operations.

Helipad #1

Present (Yes / No)


Largest helicopter that can land

Mil Mi-26 : 123,455 lb (56,000 kg)

Width and Length (metres)

Apron/landing strip can be used



Airport Infrastructure Details

Harare International is fully compliant with international standards and has the capacity to handle regional traffic should it be required.

The new International Terminal can handle up to 3 million passengers per year. The volume could be increased if the African Open Skies (Yamasukp Agreement) policy could be used effectively as currently a number of bi-lateral agreements are in the works to allow fellow African nations and Zimbabwe to utilize the facilities in each other’s countries.

National Handling Services (NHS) is currently offering a 6 month free operating service to any new airlines starting up in Zimbabwe. The best year in terms of performance was 1997 when 1,355,240 passengers and 41,450 aircraft passed through Harare International. 2009 was the worst economic year ever recorded for the airport in every area. The person in charge is Mr. Waniwa (+263773225404).



JET A-1 fuel






Terminal Building


Single Point Refueling


Passenger Terminal


Air Starter Units


Cargo terminal


Ground Power (mobile)


Pax transport to airfield


Ground Handling Services


Control Tower


Latrine Servicing


Weather Facilities


Fire Fighting Category (ICAO)

Category: 9

Catering Services


Firefight & Equipment


Base Operating Room


Parking Ramp Lighting


Airport Radar


Approach & Runway Lights








Crash Crew

IFR procedures Yes De-icing Equipment Yes

Passenger and Cargo Performance Indicator

Performance for 2012

Annual Figures


Total aircraft movements


Total passengers


Total capacity of the airport

300,000 mt  

Current activity of the airport

112,000 mt (2014) 2014 Monthly Activity

Airport Operating Details

There are two companies that operate out of the Harare International Airport covering the ground handling services: AGS (a private company) and NHS, which is government owned and operated.

Operating Details
Maximum sized aircraft which can be offloaded on bulk cargo: IL76, B777 – (capacity 9)
Maximum sized aircraft that can be offloaded on pallet IL76, B777 – (capacity 9)
Total aircraft parking area (m²) 6 bays cater for 11 aircraft (m2 not given)
Storage Area (mt)

150,000 – 500,000 mt

Cold Storage Area: 40 mt

Cargo Handling Equipment Available (Yes / No) Yes
Elevators / Hi Loaders (Yes / No) Yes
Can elevators / hi loaders reach the upper level of a B747 (Yes / No) Yes
Loading Ramps (Yes / No) Yes
Forklifts 2ton x 2, 3ton x 2, 5ton x 3, 7ton x 2

Storage Facilities

National Handling Services storage capacity is directly linked to the contract (i.e. number of flights, size, quantity and type of cargo). The facilities have not been maintained but have the capacity to handle any humanitarian requirements.

Airfield Cost

Services charges are negotiable depending on frequency and type of aircraft. Official charges are not easy to come by until flight schedules have been provided.

For more information on costs, please see the following attachment: Aircraft Servicing Charges

Navigation Charges

Please use: Distance (NM) x Weight Factor x US$20 when calculating fees.

Aircraft Weight - MTOW (kg)

Landing USD - $

Night Landing USD - $

Parking Handling Charges
0 7,500 15-50 15-50 15 780
7,501 100,000 50-480 50-480   857-2,248
100,001 and over Fixed charge @ US$480 + US$5/ton over Fixed charge @ US$480 + US$5/ton over



Note 1: Night landing hours are between 1800 - 0600 hours

Note 2: Parking less than 3,000 kg is free for first 3 hours. Any parking over 3 hours will be charged as a 24 hour period thereafter.

Note 3: All of these charges are administered by the CAAZ and are the same for all airports in Zimbabwe

Fuel Services Charges

Fuel is available through prior arrangement. BP/Shell and Total have signed a Joint Venture in operating the storage facilities at Harare International and all queries need to be directed through their respective head offices.

Reference should be made to schedules in ADZ for types of fuel and oil held at Bulawayo/J.M Nkomo, Charles Prince Chiredzi/Buffalo Range, Kariba, Harare and Victoria Falls airports. At small aerodromes, fuel stocks may be limited or not available, except by prior arrangement. Moreover requirements of operators are continually changing and it is therefore not possible to publish permanent information of fuel, other than at those listed above.

  Price per Unit Fuel Capacity
Jet A-1 US 0.85 1,100,000 L
Avgas US 1.50 45,000 L

Cargo Terminal Charges

Cargo Handling charges are subject to negotiation depending on frequency, load type and size through both the NHS and AGS. AGS offers very efficient services across the board and have all equipment suitable for every plane size. NHS has similar facilities and may be more cost effective even if their services are less professional.

Scheduled flights are open to negotiation of charges as per contract. The frequency of flights allows for discounts. For further queries please contact Mr. V. Moyo at +263(04)575561/2 or +263(0)772101287.


Rate US$ / kg

Handling Charge per kg

  • 1-20 kg = US$35
  • 21-100 kg = US$50
  • 101-500 kg = US$60
  • 501-1,000 kg = US$95
  • 1,001-5,000 kg = US$190
  • 5,001-10,000 kg = US$300
  • 10,000 kg - above = US$700

Break Bulk Fee


Diplomatic Mail


Strong Room - per consignment

US$50 (valuables and vulnerables)

Cold Storage Fee

US$0.05 / kg / calendar day

Delivery outside normal working hours

50% surcharge

Preparation of substitute AOA - Invoice - Receipt

US$1 / phone call (AOA system down – till further notice)

Storage per kg per day - Grace period? hours

48 hours free


Rate US$ / kg

Handling charges - Unpalletized cargo

Comprehensive charges – breaking bulk services costs are prohibitive

International Air WayBill


Local Air WayBill


Air Way Bill Amendment - Cancellation

US$5-adaptation of bill / US$10-Cancellation

Air Way Bill Documentation

Service offered free of charge

Diplomatic Mail


Storage charges per kg per day

TBA (on negotiation)


The security offered at Harare International comprises a military base to the south and eastern perimeters of the airfield as well as a ZRP component within the terminals. The various private handling, perishables and broking companies on the northern side provide their own private security which complies with the Airport Authorities.

The security condition at the airport is considered Good.


Companies Available 

Information on some aviation service providers can be found at: AZFreight.com

There are 2 separate companies conducting Ground Handling Services – AGS (Aviation Ground Services) are a private company and are in competition with the government run NHS. Both offer warehousing and equipment options but the service differs. NHS also conducts passenger and aircraft services.

For more contact information for airport companies at Harare International Airport, please see the following links:

Harare Airport Contacts

4.5 Zimbabwe Airport Company Contact List

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