2.2.1 Gambia Banjul International Airport

Gambia Banjul International Airport

The Banjul International airport has the capacity to handle different sizes of planes the largest of which is the Boeing 747.  The airport is location in Yundum village in the West coast Region with coordinates LAT N132033.0821 LONG W 0163928.1307. It has an elevation of 93Feet above mean sea level. In accordance with the Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP), there are no obstructions in the approach and take/off areas. Generally the weather in The Gambia is based on two seasons with temperatures ranging from minimum from 17degcelcius to 36 deg Celsius. Normally there can be strong winds during the rainy season which starts from June to October.

The Navy accessible to all African countries, Europe and Amgational Aids are the DVOR/DME, NDB, ILS There is 24 hours lighting available and a secondary power supply which conforms to ICAO requirements. The airport is operational 24 hours daily and 7 days a week and operational staff work on shifts duties. At the moment relief aircraft can be Accommodated during daytime and this can have the effect of less cost as night involve higher costs due lighting.

The passenger throughput during 2008 was which shows that the airport can be much more utilized. There are a total of 41 flights per week during the peak period of the tourist season which are mainly charter flights from Europe. The number of flights can drop to as low as during the off-peak season. There are 3 regular flights linking the Gambia with the rest of the World.


Brussels airlines run two regular flights between the Gambia and Belgium. This is the only flight that links the Gambia Europe and the rest of the world. (Thursdays and Sunday)
1. GIA runs a daily flight on a round trip to Dakar, Cape Verde, Sierra Leone, and Guinea Bissau before returning to Banjul.
2. SLO flight operates 2 flights per week to Sierra Leone and this flight is often cancelled or rescheduled.
3. There are at least 3 charter flights per week from Europe
Location Details
Country The Gambia Latitude 13.33796
Province / District Kombo North Longitude -16.65221
Town or City (Closest) Banjul (24 Km) Elevation (ft and m) n/a
Airfield Name Banjul International Airport IATA and ICAO Codes BJL / GBYD
Open From (hours) 00:00 Open To (hours) 00:00


The airport is located about 30 minutes from the WFP office in Cape Point, Bakau. This is only 17 km away and this distance to and from can be covered with less than 5 liters of fuel. When the roads are clear it can take about 15 minutes.

The two roads leading to the city are in a good condition. The nearest town is Yundum. On Sunday evenings and mornings traffic can be dense on the main roads. Leaving from the airport via the Brikama highway towards Lamin village, this road is always congested on weekdays from 7am to 11 am and from 2pm to 7:30pm. Weekend traffic is free flowing. There are many local taxes along the way that stop and to drop off and pick up passengers. It is preferable to use the coastal road which is only busy in the mornings towards Banjul and is almost deserted on weekends. 

Busiest time is from 1 pm till 6 pm. However, these are mainly tourist flights, and there is still room for extra flights to come in.


Runway #1

Runway Dimensions

3600m x 45m


14/32 (one runway)


Asphalt, Pavement class 80

Helicopter Pad(s)

No helicopter pads exist at Gambia Banjul International Airport

Airport Infrastructure Details



JET A-1 fuel






Terminal Building


Single Point Refueling


Passenger Terminal


Air Starter Units


Cargo terminal


Ground Power (mobile)


Pax transport to airfield


Ground Handling Services


Control Tower


Latrine Servicing


Weather Facilities


Fire Fighting Category (ICAO)


Catering Services


De-icing Equipment


Base Operating Room


Parking Ramp Lighting


Airport Radar


Approach & Runway Lights










Passenger and Cargo Performance Indicator

There are three bonded warehouses at the airport rented from the Gambia Civil Aviation Authority (GRA), Red Coat and The Gambia International Airlines (GIA) respectively. The two handling Freight agencies are GIA and Red Coat and they handle up to metric tons yearly although it was reported that in the past year, there had experience a sharp decrease in fright handled which they attribute to global financial crisis. The warehouse capacity is approximately 1000 metric tons and is reported that arrangements could be made with the responsible authorities in case of WFP requirements.

The airport has the capacity to accommodate more flights both for passenger and freight services. GCCA being the responsible authority need to market its facilities to attract more air traffic to the country.


Performance for 2011

Annual Figures

Monthly Daily

Total aircraft movements

Int.l Schedule 1767 / Int.l Non Schedule 1704 : Total 3471

n/a n/a

Total passengers


n/a n/a

Total capacity of the airport (metric tonnes)

42,000 tons yearly and 3,500 tons per month.

872 tons of cargo and 3,348 tons of mail  n/a

Current activity of the airport (metric tonnes)


n/a n/a

Current use by Humanitarian flights (UNHAS)

None at the moment but facility can be made available for WFP in case of emergency.  n/a n/a

Airport Operating Details

Operating Details
Maximum sized aircraft which can be offloaded on bulk cargo: Boeing 767, AN24, B757, ATR42, ATR72, DC9, B737, A320.
Maximum sized aircraft that can be offloaded on pallet A330, DC10, B747, LI011, B727,A321
Total aircraft parking area (m²)  45
Storage Area (mt) 200,000 Cubic Meters (m³) n/a
Cargo Handling Equipment Available (Yes / No) Yes If "Yes" specify below
Elevators / Hi Loaders (Yes / No) Yes Max Capacity (mt) 6.8
Can elevators / hi loaders reach the upper level of a B747 (Yes / No) Yes type c30
Loading Ramps (Yes / No)

3 high main deck loaders all in good working condition

5 baggage Convey belt loaders

3 fork lift trucks

5 tractors

Dollies enough for as 747

4 belt loaders

Storage Facilities

The storage facility space occupied by both GIA and Redcoat is rented from the Gambia Civil Aviation authority (GCAA). The warehouses are in good condition and well ventilated and equipped with forklifts and pump trucks. There will be enough space for WFP use in case it is required for future use.  As can be seen below there are sheds which can also be used for storage during the dry season. There are plans by GIA to build a modern cargo complex in Banjul International Airport to expand on the existing capacity. This is expected to begin by the end of 2011.

Airfield Cost

GIA is the only specialized institution authorized to provide ground handling services for aircraft traffic. They work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week through out the year and can handle up to Boeing 767 capacity aircraft. Handling cost would include checking in of passengers, ramp handling i.e.  Loading/offloading of baggage and the use of all ground handling equipment such as generator sets when required etc.

Navigation Charges

CAT. MTOW / PAX CONFIG. Scheduled / Charter  -Pounds (GBP)/Ton
A1 UP TO 15 TONS 164.00 / 182.00
A2 16-30 183.00 / 203.00
A3 31-50 204.00 / 226.00
B4 6-25 TONS 235.00 / 261.00
B5 76-100 262.00 / 291.00
C6 26-80 TONS 634.00 / 704.00
C7 126-150 705.00 / 783.00
C8 151-175 784.00 / 871.00
C9 176-200 872.00 / 969.00
D10 201-250 1255.00 / 1395.00
D11 251-350 1395.00 / 1550.00


351 & OVER

1744.00 / 1938

Adhoc flight operations will be charged 1.50% of the basic rate above the appropriate category.

Handling on Sunday, Public Holidays and between 1900z and 0700z will incur a 25% surcharge.

The following additional or separate services would attract the charges as indicated:

  •  Pushback GBP 170.00 per use (not in use in the Gambia yet).
  •  GPU / ASU GBP 50.00 per hour of part thereof
  •  Crew / Transport GBP 50.00 per crew bus per mover
  •  Passenger transport GBP 50.00 for schedule / GBP 80.00 for Charter
Parking, Navigation and Landing Charges    

0 - 24.99 Tones

25 - 74.99 Tones

75 – 100 Tones


>100 Tones


GBP 1.50 * Ton

GBP 3.00 * Ton

GBP 4.50 * Ton

GBP 4.00 * Ton

Parking   GBP 0.43 * Ton

0 - 24.99 Tones, 1 Way

25 - 74.99 Tones, 1 Way

75 – 100 Tones, 1 Way

>100 Tones, 1 Way

GBP 1.20 * Ton

GBP 1,60 * Ton

GBP 0.75 * Ton

GBP 0,95 * Ton

Passenger Charges

Passenger Service

Security Charges

GBP 10 .00 * pax

GBP  1.50 * Pax

The information provided in the above table was taken from the old DLCA and adjusted to suit the format of the new LCA

Fuel Services Charges

  Price per Unit
Jet A-1 0.02 * lt US$
Avgas n/a

Prices correct as of 01 Nov 2011

Cargo Terminal Charges

There is access for aircraft parking for 8 wide bodies aircrafts and up to 13 narrow bodies aircrafts. Accessibility for trucks to aircraft parking area and cargo area is available. As for passenger Dis/embarkation, motorized steps are available. Up to date amenities are available 24 hour and 7 days a week with regular upkeep in place. Passengers are transported to the aircraft using ground transport owned by the handler. Cargo Transportation is carried out by handler using forklifts and tractors to the aircraft. Presents bottleneck are that the equipments have long outgrown their life span and needs replacement, due to the age of the equipment, higher maintenance costs are experienced. However more equipment is required when operational need accumulates. For the foreseeable future more ground equipment will be required depending on the scale of the relief operation. Shift duties are already in place per 8 hour shifts on a four man shift rotation all year round. Although in the event of a relief operation, training could be conducted to sensitize staff members regarding the requirements of a relief operation. 
Cargo Handling Storage    
Cargo handling costs GMD 525.00 between 1-100kg and above 100kg its GMD5.25dalais daily GMD1.10 per kilo storage a day with Redcoat company. Redcoat
- For the case of GIA which is a government institution, costs are much lower for example costs are GMD220 between 1-100kg and for any additional kgs its GMD 2.2/kg GIA

There are two cargo handling agents based at the Banjul International Airport namely The Gambia International Airlines (GIA) and Redcoat respectively. In addition to ground handling GIA also provide storage facility with a warehouse that can accommodate approximately 1,220 tons of freight yearly. The first one week is free storage for their customers and thereafter the charge is GMD1.10 per kg per day is levied on items that are not cleared.


Redcoat operate a bonded warehouse which is 276m sq, is divided into ten bays where customer freight are stored. Customers are allowed five days free storae after which a storage charge of GMD 2.00 per day per kilo is levied to those who do not collect their baggage. Equipment owner by Redcoat included 1forklift, 2trollies and 4 pump trucks.


Level: Good

There are good security measures in place there have been no lapses in security issues and no terrorist threats at the airport. The airport is compliant with US security standards. The airport meets FAA/TAA standards.


There is control Tower that provide aerodrome and approach procedural services .There is briefing room that provided information to pilots such as weather information or NOTAM.(Notice to Airmen). Regarding to obtaining flight clearance, non-schedule flights are required to obtain landing permit 72 hours prior to their operations. The request for landing permit should be sent to the Director General, Civil Aviation Authority at the Banjul International Airport.
For regular international schedule flights, operated by foreign airlines, into or in transit across the territory of The Gambia certain requirements must be met and application must be made throught the Director General. Birds and monkeys can be difficult to eliminate but their activities can be minimized through regular runway inspection and bird scaring devices and even managing the inhabitants. People are only allowed access to the runway when authorized by air traffic control.
The recue and firefighting unit is integrated with the National Fire and Ambulance service. Full service on a 24 hour basis is provided at the Banjul International Airport. The rescue and firefighting service is categorized as category 8. Adequate rescue and firefighting vehicles, equipment and trained personnel are available.

Companies Available 

Information on some aviation service providers can be found atAZ Freight information on Gambia

For information on Gambia Banul International Airport contact details, please see the following link: 

4.4 Gambia Airport Company Contact List

For information on Gambia Banul International Airport additional details, please see the following document: 

Gambia Banjul International Airport Additional Details

Note: The information provided in the attached documents, which has been taken from the old DLCA, does not match the structure of the new LCA and is therefore provided separately.

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