2.2.1 Djibouti-Ambouli International Airport

Djibouti-Ambouli International Airport

Djibouti-Ambouli is located at about 6 Km far from Djibouti downtown. Djibouti airport has at its disposal, all necessary equipment that is required to provide assistance to air navigation and handling operations. This enables aircraft to land and take-off safety in day time as well as in night.
Djibouti airport can accommodate all types of existing aircraft (commercial, military, cargo/Passengers, etc…).

Location Details
Country Djibouti Latitude 11.54733
Province / District Djibouti Longitude 43.15948
Town or City (Closest) Djibouti City Elevation (ft and m) 49 ft. / 15 m
Airfield Name Ambouli IATA and ICAO Codes JIB & HDAM
Open From (hours) 00:00 Open To (hours) 24:00

For information on Djibouti-Ambouli International Airport, please see the following link: 

Djibouti-Ambouli International Airport Website


Runway #1

Runway Dimensions

3,200 x 45





Helicopter Pad(s)

Helicopters can use military helipad North of runway on taxiway Foxtrot

Helipad #1

Present (Yes / No)


Largest helicopter that can land

No limitation as any special area has been specially designed for helicopters. In addition currently, Djibouti airport is used by Military helicopters.

Width and Length (metres)

Width 22 m and length more than 250 m


Bituminous concrete

Airport Infrastructure Details



JET A-1 fuel






Terminal Building


Single Point Refueling


Passenger Terminal


Air Starter Units


Cargo terminal


Ground Power (mobile)


Pax transport to airfield


Ground Handling Services


Control Tower


Latrine Servicing


Weather Facilities


Fire Fighting Category (ICAO)


Catering Services


De-icing Equipment


Base Operating Room


Parking Ramp Lighting


Airport Radar


Approach & Runway Lights










Passenger and Cargo Performance Indicator

Performance for 2010

Annual Figures

Monthly Daily

Total aircraft movements

Commercial movements: 6216 – 2010
General aviation 1089 – 2010
Military movements 24,260 -2010

n/a n/a

Total passengers

176,861 Pax n/a n/a

Total capacity of the airport (metric tonnes)

Report not available n/a n/a

Current activity of the airport (metric tonnes)

7,145.6 n/a n/a

Current use by Humanitarian flights (UNHAS)

Nil n/a n/a

Airport Operating Details

Operating Details
Maximum sized aircraft which can be offloaded on bulk cargo: B74, Antonov 124 and Galaxy which are listed among the biggest aircraft have been offloaded at Djibouti airport
Maximum sized aircraft that can be offloaded on pallet No limitation for palletized cargo. Djibouti airport can rely on military facilities to handle this kind of cargo
Total aircraft parking area (m²) 12 Parking’s are available and the 13th is under construction total areas is 100,000 m²
Storage Area (mt) n/a Cubic Meters (m³) n/a
Cargo Handling Equipment Available (Yes / No) Yes If "Yes" specify below
Elevators / Hi Loaders (Yes / No) Yes Max Capacity (mt) 15
Can elevators / hi loaders reach the upper level of a B747 (Yes / No) Yes
Loading Ramps (Yes / No) n/a

Airfield Cost

Navigation Charges

Please note:

  • MTOW is amended to suit local rates
  • Within Djibouti Republic, aeronautical nights start 15 min after sunset and end 15 min before sunrise
  • Parking charges are for each hours or part thereof
  • All of these charges are administered by Djibouti airport authorities and are the same for all airports in Djibouti
Aircraft Weight - MTOW (kg)

Navigation (per journey) USD - $

Landing USD - $

Night Landing USD - $

Night Take-Off USD - $

Parking Handling Charges
0 7,000 - 52.5 65 65 1.68 USD per HR -
7,001 136,000 - 1112.5 65 65 30.30 USD per HR -
136,001 and over - 2779.5 65 65

70.40 USD per HR


Fuel Services Charges

OILYBIA and TOTAL are the awarded companies to supply aircrafts with fuel (JET A1) in Djibouti airfield. Information gathering from OILYBIA states the following:

  • The costs of refuelling JET A1 is provided only to customers at signatory of contract;
  • Two types of payment are acceptable by OILYBIA, by CASH or by CREDIT. When it’s agreed to pay by credit, the customer should deposit a certain amount which varies according the quantity the customer will consume per Week/Month, etc.
  • OILYBIA has never faced shortfall in their supply chain. They have a storage capacity of 10 to 15,000m3 at Doraleh Oil port and 750m3 close to the airport. In addition there are 4 tanker trucks with total capacity of 147m3.
  • OILYBIA reports of having supplied an average of 3 to 4,000m3 of Jet A1 per month over past year (2010).
  • OILYBIA performs regular test related to Quality control of their product. They comply with AFQRJOS norms.
  Price per Unit
Jet A-1 The costs of refuelling JET A1 is provided only to customers at signatory of contract;
Avgas n/a

Cargo Terminal Charges


Rate US$ / kg

Handling Charge per kg

0.02 USD per Kg

Break Bulk Fee


Diplomatic Mail


Strong Room - per consignment


Cold Storage Fee


Delivery outside normal working hours

From 06h00 to 13h00

Preparation of substitute AOA - Invoice - Receipt


Storage per kg per day - Grace period? hours



Rate US$ / kg

Handling charges - Unpalletized cargo


International Air WayBill

30 USD per AWB

Local Air WayBill


Air Way Bill Amendment - Cancellation


Air Way Bill Documentation


Diplomatic Mail


Storage charges per kg per day



Level: Good 

Companies Available 

Fo rinformation on Djibouti Airport company contact details, please see the following link:

4.4 Djibouti Airport Company Contact List

Information on some aviation service providers can be found at:  AZ Freight Website information on Djibouti

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