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Somalia Aviation 

Somalia Airports

Key airport information may also be found at: World Aero Data Website information on Somalia

 As of Nov 2013, Somalia has 62 airports. 7 of these have paved runways. Among the latter, four have runways of over 3,047 m; two between 2,438 m and 3,047 m; and one 1,524 m to 2,437 m long. There are 55 airports with unpaved landing areas. One has a runway of over 3,047 m; four are between 2,450 m to 3,050 m in length; twenty are 1,500 m to 2,450 m; twenty-four are 900 m to 1,500 m; and six are less than 900 m.

For nearly two decades, a small United Nations body has managed Somalia’s airspace without Somali involvement and international oversight. The Civil Aviation Caretaker Authority for Somalia (CACAS), based in Nairobi, was formed in 1996 as a joint effort of UNDP and the International Civil Aviation Organisation, to ensure safe air transport over Somali airspace in the absence of a functional central government.
Due to a poor and often-unsafe road network and the seasonable availability of seaports, the airports of Somalia have become vital trading platforms and essential gateways to the country, stimulating local business, economic development, employment and communications.
The programme is primarily funded from air navigation charges applied to air operators transiting Somali airspace and landing at Somali airports. This revenue is however insufficient to meet the demands to rehabilitate maintain and develop air transport infrastructure which is essential to humanitarian, developmental and commercial activities. The Somali Civil Aviation Authority is the national civil aviation body of Somalia. Based in the capital Mogadishu, it is under the aegis of the federal Ministry of Air and Land Transport.
After a long period of management by the Civil Aviation Caretaker Authority for Somalia, Somalia Civil Aviation Authority is slated to reassume control of Somalia's airspace by the end of 2013. In preparation for the transition, staffs within Somalia are set to receive training. Over 100 airspace personnel are to be transferred to Mogadishu for management duties.

CACAS – Civil Aviation Caretaker Authority for Somalia Website: CACAS Civil Aviation Authority for Somalia Website

The Somali Federal Government has begun preparations to revive the national carrier, Somali Airlines. The Somali authorities along with the Somali Civil Aviation Steering Committee (SCASC) a joint commission composed of officials from Somalia's federal and regional governments as well as members of the CACAS, ICAO/TCB and UNDP convened with international aviation groups in Montreal to request support for the ongoing rehabilitation efforts.
The SCASC set a three-year window for reconstruction of the national civil aviation capacity. It also requested the complete transfer of Somali civil aviation operations and assets from the CACAS caretaker body to the Somali authorities.

Procedures for Foreign Registered Aircraft

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