2.2 Senegal Aviation

Senegal Aviation 

Senegal Airports

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 Senegal has 20 airports of which 9 have paved runways and 11 unpaved runways. Dakar is the main airport of the country with international standards. 190 kilometres from Dakar, is the Kaolack Airfield, which is primarily used as disengagement airfield for Dakar Airport. Other Senegalese airports are Tambacounda, Ziguinchor, Saint-Louis and Cap-Skirring. The security of the navigation in was ensured in by ASECNA (The Agency for the Security of Air Navigation in Africa and Madagascar), but since may 2008 the control is back to the Senegalese Government through the “Agence Nationale de l'Aviation Civile du Sénégal”. The HQ of the ASECNA is hosted in Senegal, but following Senegal’s exit from the organisation, it could be moved in another country.

For information on government contacts, please see the following link4.1 Senegal Government Contact List

For information on airport company contact details, please see the following link: 4.4 Senegal Airport Company Contact List

Procedures for Foreign Registered Aircraft

An aircraft can not operate on the territory of the Republic of Senegal unless it is registered. Except in cases where authorization is granted by ANACS, no person shall operate an aircraft in Senegal unless it is registered in Senegal, in a contracting state or in a foreign state that has concluded with Senegal an agreement for use in Senegal of an aircraft registered in that State. It is prohibited to use civil aircraft to be eligible for registration under the laws of Senegal unless it is registered by its owner under the provisions of the laws of the Authority and Senegal (ANACS) has issued a certificate registration for that aircraft. The registration certificate must be kept permanently on board the aircraft.


An aircraft is eligible for registration if: The aircraft is owned by a Senegalese citizen, a foreign citizen residing in Senegal elected, a body incorporated under the laws of Senegal or a government agency in Senegal;
The aircraft is not registered in a foreign state.


Any person wishing to register an aircraft in Senegal must file an application or petition to ANACS accordance with standards and procedures defined by this regulation. Any application:

  1. must contain information concerning the identity of the applicant;
  2. provide proof of ownership;
  3. must be signed in indelible ink;

Taxes and fees prescribed by law shall be paid to the ANACS at the filing of the application for registration. If the applicant meets all the requirements for registration, ANACS must issue a certificate of registration

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