2.2 Samoa Aviation

Samoa Airports


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National Airlines

Samoa Airways, Samoa’s national air carrier, is licensed and certified by the Ministry to operate scheduled and non-scheduled air services.  Flights to Australia and New Zealand depart from Faleolo Airport and to American Samoa from Fangali’I Airport.

Talofa Airways operates flights to American Samoa and Tonga from Fagali’I Airport.

Foreign Air Carriers

Air New Zealand operates B767 services to Los Angeles via Samoa and Airbus A320 services to/from Auckland alternating with the B767.

Air Pacific operates twice weekly, scheduled flights to/from Nadi, Fiji, utilizing B737-800, with a weekly flight through Samoa to Honolulu.

Virgin Australia operates flights to Australia.

Three airports, Faleolo, Maota and Asau, are managed and operated by the Samoa Airport Authority (SAA) with Polynesian Holdings Limited operating Fagali’I airport. All the airports are certified by the Ministry in accordance with their intended usage by the airport operators.

Faleolo International Airport caters for all civil aircraft up to B747 size with its 3000m runway, and is compliant with CAR Pt 139 and ICAO Annex 14 Standards. The airport has a Cat I ILS for Runway 08.

There is a proposal to construct a new national airport serving Pago Pago at TIAVEA. It is anticipated work may start on this in 2019. It is planned that it will take aircraft of C130 and lighter.


For more information on government agency and airport company contact information, please see the following links: 4.1 Government Contact List and 4.5 Airport Companies Contact List


Procedures for Foreign Registered Aircraft


The Ministry of Works, Transport & Infrastructure is the appropriate authority for issues regarding Civil Aviation in Samoa. In terms of registration of foreign aircrafts, this may be complex for the UN, but it is recommended that for any humanitarian or emergency responses providing assistance to Samoa, this is to be communicated to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade who then deal with issuing Diplomatic Clearances for such purposes.

For all the humanitarian flights, permission from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is to be obtained to land (international landing) or to fly over the territory of Samoa.

 The following documentation will need to be attached:

  •  Air operator certificate
  • Certificate of aircraft registration
  • Aircraft radio license
  • Aircrew documents (original to be presented)
  • Contract agreement for the intended operation in Samoa

At the time of inspection, original copies of the above documents will be verified, as well as the operations manual, maintenance control manual, etc.

Non-scheduled flights intending to land at a Samoan airport shall request permission from the Secretary for Transport/CEO, Ministry of Works, Transport & Infrastructure (MWTI), Private Bag, Samoa, 7 days prior to departure and should include the following information:

 i. Name and address of the aircraft operator
ii. Type and Registration marks of the aircraft
iii. Name, address and business of charterer
iv. Proposed date and place of origin of flight
v. Routes including dates and times of estimated arrival/departure
vi. Number of passengers and/or nature and amount of freight
vii. Purpose of flight

Prior approval must be obtained before aircraft departs last port prior to Samoa.

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