2.2 Dominica Aviation

Dominica Airports

There are two regional airports and no international airports in Dominica, The airports are operated by the Dominica Air & Sea Ports Authority (DASPA). The primary one is Douglas-Charles Airport located in Marigot (Distance 44.2 km from Roseau), where most commercial flights arrive. A second airport, Canefield (Distance 3.6 Km from Roseau). Given its runway length, the Douglas-Charles airport is suitable for some commercial jet use. Flights from the mainland US or Europe are provided through the International Airport hubs of Antigua (ANU), Barbados (GAIA), St. Maarten (SXM), Guadeloupe (PTP) and Puerto Rico (SJU). Leeward Island Air Transport (LIAT) completes the Dominican leg of these flights and Seaborne also provides connecting flights to the island from Puerto Rico. 

For more information on government agency and airport company contact information, please see the following links: 4.1 Government Contact List and 4.5 Airport Companies Contact List  

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Procedures for Foreign Registered Aircraft

Civil Aviation Authority

The Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority (ECCAA) is a civil aviation authority serving the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS). The headquarters are in Saint John's, Antigua and Barbuda. The ECCAA agency serves as the aviation accident and incident investigation authority of its jurisdiction also operates outstations, which include the Dominica Outstations.

Aircraft registration, certification and operational requirements are governed by the ECCAA and are specified in the Civil Aviation Regulations (CARs). Operation of a foreign registered aircraft is possible and depending on the type of operation, it can be relatively quick to allow commencement of operations, particularly for non-commercial purposes such as for surveys, disaster relief, emergency response and similar programs. The process should begin with a letter of intent to the ECCAA, describing your organization, the owner/operator of aircraft, intended type of operation (private, charter, scheduled, etc.) and intended aircraft model and/or type.

For more information on procedures for foreign registered aircraft, please see the following attachments.

The Civil Aviation Regulations (CARs) for certification and registrations are the following:



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