2.2 Bhutan Aviation

Bhutan Airports

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Bhutan has only one international Airport at Paro and three domestic airports (Bumthang, Gelephu and Yonphula). Out of these three, only Bumthang domestic airport is presently operating and the other two are being improved and are likely functional from August 2017 onwards. There are two airlines, Drukair and Bhutan Airlines operating international and one airline, Drukair, operating domestic. The international airport in Badgora, India is also near in travel time to Phuentsholing. 

The Bhutan Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA) regulates the overall aviation sector in Bhutan and the Department of Air Transport (DOAT) oversees the day to day operation.  Bhutan Air Services (BAS) is the authorized private clearing agent responsible for assisting and co-coordinating in cleaning all the private Aircraft’s and Helicopters flying in and out of Bhutan.

Current planned enhancement of Paro International Airport include the construction of a parallel taxiway, modification of the departure terminal, construction of the an cargo terminal and construction of additional apron.

For more information on government agency and airport company contact information, please see the following links:

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Procedures for Foreign Registered Aircraft

Any foreign registered aircraft, other than aircraft operating on scheduled commercial flights to Bhutan entering into Bhutan airspace, shall seek prior permission of the Bhutan Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA). BCAA has appointed, Bhutan Air Service (BAS), an authorized private clearing agent who deals with the foreign aircraft and the documentation issues.

Application (how and where to obtain it): Application for landing clearance needs to be filed at least 10 days before the scheduled flight. All applications need to be routed through BAS. A copy of the application form is attached to this LCA and it can be obtained by emailing to or  or fax 00975-2-324918 (Thimphu, Head Office) 00975-8-272053 (branch office, Paro International Airport). It is to be noted that BCAA doesn’t entertain direct application to them and all application needs to be channelled through BAS.

Registration and Safety Requirements: Copy of certificate of airworthiness and registration need to be submitted to BAS along with the application. Paro International Airport is a Category ‘C’ day VFR operations. Therefore, having a navigator from Druk Air or Bhutan Airlines to assist to fly the aircraft into Paro International Airport is the requirement.  The Navigator will be arranged by Bhutan Air Service. Due to wind curfew in the afternoon, it is always advisable to plan landing into Paro Airport (VQPR) before noon.

Operator, Aircraft and Crew Documentation: following documents are required at the time of filing the application.

  • Details of the aircraft, registration/serial number and type of aircraft.
  • Crew passport (clear original scanned  copy) for visa processing      
  • Valid Copy of both Pilots License & Medical certificates and last page logbook copy of PIC
  • A copy of the Certificate of Insurance for the Aircraft and all its occupants
  • Certificate  of Airworthiness and Registration copy

Other comments such as process timeline, common issues, etc.: Process timeline normally takes 6-8 working days. Fuel Jet A1 is available and the price is approximately USD 0.75 per liter (subject to change) and requires to be paid in cash (USD) for all foreign registered aircraft. All payment advisable in cash due to non-availability of credit card facilities, however an operator can also wire transfer the payment. Flight cancellation charge USD 600.00 is applicable if the flight is cancelled less than 05 days prior to arrival OR after permit approval.


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