2.1.4 Guatemala Port of Boyas De San Jose

Port Overview

Located on the Pacific coast, San Jose is used as a liquid bulk terminal. In 2013, 136 vessels were attended in San Jose for a total of 1.788 million t of liquid bulk (mainly imports). The San Jose port also has a 150m wharf that is currently not operational.

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Port Location and Contact



Province or District


Nearest Town or City

with Distance from Port

Name: San Jose

Port's Complete Name

Boyas de San Jose


13° 54' 56" N


90° 50' 45" W

Managing Company or Port Authority

No information available

Nearest Airport and Airlines with Frequent International Arrivals/Departures

Airport Name: Airport San Jose

Airlines: Private Planes

Port  Name

Port of San Jose

Harbor Type

Off-shore Terminal

Maximum Vessel Size   

Over 160m

Port Size


Water depth – Oil terminal

12.5 – 13.7 meters

Water depth - Cargo Pier

  9.4 – 10.0 meters

Water depth - Anchorage

20.1 – 21.3 meters

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