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There are no cargo ports in Northern Samar, but three private Ro-Ro ports in Allen serving as an important transit point, connecting Samar and Luzon.  These are: 

  • Looc Port
  • DapDap Port
  • Jubasan Port

Ferries cross the strategically important Strait of San Bernardino, transporting passengers and vehicles to and from Allen in Samar and Matnog in Luzon. Travel time ranges between one hour to 2 hours depending on the speed of the ferry. Its opposite point is the municipality of Matnog in Luzon. 


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Port Location and Contact 





Region 8, Eastern Visayas 

Northern Samar 

Port's Complete Name 

Looc Port 

DapDap Port 

Jubasan Port 


Looc: 12.504492

Dapdap: 12.489756

Jubasan: 12.477812


Looc: 124.283915

DapDap: 124.284723

Jubasan: 124.283193

Nearest Airport and Airlines with Frequent International Arrivals/Departures 

Catarman airport: 46 km 



Philippine Airlines 
operated by PAL Express 


Calbayog airport: 68 km 



Cebu Pacific 
operated by Cebgo 


Philippine Airlines 
operated by PAL Express 



Looc Port  

The port is managed by BALWHARTECO. This is the oldest private port of Allen, two shipping lines are operating there with several vessels: Montenegro Shipping line and Madre Amorosa. Some of the vessels are specialised in heavy trucks transportation. 


Zenon Gutay; Port manager; 09474127615 

Boy Gutay; PM Assistant; 09085886544 

DapDap Port  

The port is managed by Philippines Archipelagos Port and Terminal Services Inc. 

Only one vessel called the “Fast Cat” is operating doing 5 round trips per day. This vessel is more focus in passengers transport compere to the others. The deck capacity for vehicles is very limited (32 light cars & 7 bus/Trucks) 


Limuel P. Erilla; Terminal Manager; 09778035356


Jubasan Port  

The Jubasan port is managed by Santa Clara Shipping Corporation (SCSC). Two shipping lines are operating with an average of 13 to 16 round trips per day. All vessels carry both vehicles and passengers but some with a larger deck are more specialised in trucks and heavy vehicles transports. 

  • SCSC with 4 vessels 
  • Peñafrancia with 2 vessels 


Mr Dan B.Dias; Port operation Manager; 09152156312 

Hinterland Information 

The port of Allen is a sea crossing point on thee Pan-Philippine Highway, also known as the Maharlika Highway; a 3,517km (2,185 mi) network of roads, bridges, and ferry services that connect the islands of Luzon, Samar, Leyte, and Mindanao, serving as the country's principal transport backbone. It is the longest highway in the Philippines that forms the country's north–south backbone. The entire highway is designated as Asian Highway 26 (AH26) of the Asian Highway Network. 

Trucks and buses from the various provinces of the Visayas and Mindanao bound for various destinations in Luzon pass through Allen, riding the ferry services of Allen to Matnog, and vice versa. 

The bus terminals servicing the numerous passengers crossing the San Bernardino Strait are located at the piers and ports that are operational in Allen. Booking offices for buses that ply the route are also located at these terminals. 


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