2.1.2 Cyprus Port of Larnaca

Cyprus Port of Larnaca

Key port information can also be found at: Maritime Database information on the Port of Larnaca

Port Overview:

Larnaca Port is located approximately 2km east of Larnaca and 5km from Larnaca International Airport, it is the closest port to the capital Nicosia. Situated on the South coast of Cyprus and sheltered by two breakwaters. Anchorage is an open roadstead with no draft limitation. This breakwater port, with an approach channel entrance of a minimum width of 160m, is dredged to 12m and vessels with a maximum draft of 11m and L.O.A. up to 185m can be accommodated anywhere along its fixed quays under any conditions. While RO/RO vessels can be operated anywhere on quay, special RO/RO facilities are available in the southern basin of the port. It is an orderly functioning and tidy port, providing personal and quality service geared to meet vessels’ special operational requirements.

  • Maximum L.O.A : 250m
  • Maximum Beam: Unrestricted
  • Tidal range and flow: Range 0.4m

Maximum arrival draft: 

  • Container quay: 11.40m
  • Old quay: 9.30m
  • Floating pontoons: 6.50m

Port website: Cyprus Ports Authority Website

Port Location and Contacts



Province or District


Town or City (Closest location) with Distance (km)

Name: Nicosia

km: 2km east

Port's Complete Name

Port of Larnaca





Managing Company or Port Authority (If more than one operator, break down by area of operation)

Cyprus Ports Authority

Management Contact Person

Closest Airport and Frequent Airlines to / from International Destinations

Airport Name: Larnaca International Airport

Airlines: n/a

Description and Contacts of Key Companies

For information on Cyprus Port of Larnaca contact details, please see the following link: 

4.3 Cyprus Port and Waterways Company Contact List

Port Performance

For information on Port of Larnaca perfromace details, please see the following documents: 

Port of Larnaca Performance Graphs

Handling Figures

Year 2012

Vessel Calls


Container Traffic (TEUs)


Handling Figures Bulk and Break Bulk

Year 2012

Total Cargo Handling (MT)


Total Oil Handled

Passengers 44,055

Berthing Specifications

For information on Port of Larnaca Berthing details, please see the following link:

Port of Larnaca Berthing Website

Two quays with a total length of 666m, and a depth alongside of 10-12m, provide accommodation for general cargo vessels (container, ro-ro, conventional, etc.) and passenger carriers. An additional 100m two sided quayage is provided for the accommodation of smaller vessels by use of pontoons, width 23m, depth alongside of 6,5m.

  • Pilotage: Compulsory- pilots VHF channel 14
  • Berthing and Unberthing: Between 06:00 and 23:00
  • Medical Facilities: Available
  • Fresh Water: Available
  • Provisions/Stores/Bunkers: Available
  • Crew changes: Can be effected
  • Ship and cargo survey: Can be effected

Type of Berth


Length (m)

Maximum Draft (m)

Conventional Berth

1 340m 12m

Container Berth

1 326m 10m

Silo Berth

n/a n/a n/a

Berthing Tugs

3 tug boats of 600, 1300 and 3500 Brake Horse Power for serving the ships

2 pilot boats for transporting the pilots.

Water Barges


General Cargo Handling Berths

At the port there are three closed warehouses, two of which are located at the north quay each having an area of 3170sq. m and one at the south quay of the order of 11.500 sq. m. There are also paved open storage spaces of the order of 150.000 sq. m as well as non-paved spaces of the order of 65.000m2.

Port Handling Equipment

Is the port equipment managed by the government or privately?  n/a 

South quay of length 340m, water depth 12m and equipped with two gantry cranes of 40 tons, 1 crane on rails of 45 tons as well as a ramp of 25m width suitable for ro-ro ships.
North quay 326m, water depth 10m and equipped with crane on rails (Luffing Crane) of 35 tons able to serve loads 150m to the western part of the quay.



(Yes / No)

Total Quantity and Capacity Available

Comments on Current Condition and Actual Usage

Dockside Crane

Yes - Ramp crane

Luffing Crane

2 x 40 tons


1 x 35 tons


Container Gantries


2 x 40 tons


Mobile Cranes

Yes - Crane on rails

1 x 45 tons






RoRo Tugmaster (w/ Trailer)




Grain Elevator w/ Bagging Machines












Container Facilities


20 ft

40 ft

Container Facilities Available



Container Freight Station (CFS)

no no

Refrigerated Container Stations

no no

Other Capacity Details

Daily Take Off Capacity (Containers per day)


Number of Reefer Stations (connection points)


Emergency Take-off Capacity (Give an indication)


Off take capacity of gang shift (in Containers per shift)

n/a n/a

Customs Guidance

For information on Cyprus Port of Larnaca Customs information, please see the following link: 

1.3 Cyprus Customs Information

Port Security

In accordance with EU directives and the Schengen Treaty, as well as the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code), the Authority has proceeded to the following measures at Larnaka Port:

  • Checking and control of entry/exit to the Port by Security Guard on a 24 hour basis, seven days a week.
  • The control of people entering the port area is done via entry cards issued by the Authority.
  • A closed circuit surveillance system has been installed at the port’s entrance, which monitors and records on video tape. The installation of a closed circuit surveillance system monitoring the whole port area and the fence, are at the development process (second phase).
  • Installation of a "hot" telephone line between the port’s entrance and the Port Police Station.
  • Reinforcement of the fence of the port area.

For port security purposes there are frequent patrols by Security Guards and by members of the Port and Nautical Police Force.
The authority has appointed a responsible official for the port’s security, who is in charge of the Security Guards.

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