2.1.1a Haiti Port of Terminal Varreux

Port Overview

Key port information may also be found at: http://www.maritime-database.com

Incorporating both Terminal Varreux and Terminal Varreux Bolloré (TVB). This private port includes a bulk fuel terminal and a general cargo port. The infrastructure has been built for a container terminal, but it is not yet fully operational (July 2022)

Terminal Varreux is an important port for import of petrochemicals and gas. Vegetable oil tankers also discharge here. There is a large tank farm (50million gallon capacity) within the compound connected by pipes to the tanker berth. Tankers take precedence in the port and other berthing arrangements are made around whether there is a tanker in port of expected. Bulk cement and grain are discharged into trucks using ship’s own gear. Cabotage vessels also load break bulk cargos in this port.

In 2021, the port had the following international calls: 101 tankers and 53 bulk carriers for a total of 1,700,000 MT of cargo.

The port is quite exposed and often wind affected making it difficult to manoeuvre within the port. The entrance channel is clearly marked, and vessels can enter at night. There is little tidal variation, but the port may suffer ‘wind heap’ and storm surges. The port area is low-lying and becomes very muddy during the rainy season. Terminal Varreux is adjacent to Cite de Soleil, a neighbourhood which experiences frequent gang-related violence. (July 2022)


Port Location and Contact



Province or District

Ouest Department

Nearest Town or City Distance from Port

Within Port-au-Prince

Port's Complete Name

Terminal Varreux





Managing Company or Port Authority

Terminal Varreux/Terminal Varreux Bollere

Management Contact Person

Director – Richard LeBrun +509 3727 5558

Security – Allen Rosier +509 3707 8016

Nearest Airport and Airlines with Frequent International Arrivals/Departures

Toussaint Louverture

Port-au-Prince International Airport

Berthing Specifications

There are5 tugs available, 3 Svitzer + 2 APN. Tug service is mandatory. 1 tug for vessels up to 150m LOA, 2 tugs for vessels greater than 150m LOA. All berths have reasonable fenders and bollards. The cement structures are in good condition.  The container berth #6 is currently used for occasional container movements and bulk cargoes of grain and cement.

The conventional berths #4 and #5 (pictured below) are used for break bulk and cabotage.



Berth #1 and #2 (pictured) are the tanker berths.

A section of #3(pictured below) is sometimes used for Roro vessels with stern ramps. There is no mooring buoy for securing the bow of the vessel. This wharf is 2.7m above sea level and not suitable for bow ramp vessels.

A RoRo ramp of compacted earth surrounded by cement blocks has been constructed on the Eastern shore.




Height above SL



#1 & #2 Tanker Berth


100m. Max vessel length 190m

2.7 m

10.5 m. Max vessel draft 9.5m

Inner and outer berths. Connected to tank farm. Mooring lines block access to #3 and beach berth.

Good fenders, including Yokohama fender, and bollards in place

#3 Small vessel berth



2.7 m

8 m

In two sections

#4 & # 5 Conventional berth


4- 120 m

5-132 m

2.7 m

10 m

Break bulk

#6 Container Berth


 160m. Max vessel length 210m


12.5 m. Max vessel draft 12 m


New RoRo berth



8 m aft

Beach berth


6 m aft

 Subject to erosion and silting. Suitable for small vessels. Trucks may get bogged at times.

Port Handling Equipment

Terminal Varreux had some bulk handling equipment while TVB is well equipped with a modern fleet ready for container operations. There are 4 bucket hoppers and 5 clamshells for rice, wheat, and salt.



Total Quantity and Capacity Available

Comments on Current Condition and Actual Usage

Mobile Cranes


Gottwald 6407




Terex 45








Tug Master Ottava


Dedicated chassis


40ft and 45ft





 1 new/2 used

There is an ample stock of new cargo handling equipment in the container terminal.

Storage Facilities

There is a container yard inside the port. It is not yet in use. There is an extensive fuel tank farm (50 million gallon capacity). There is a large parking area for trucks. World Food Programme has an MSU on site. There are 2 warehouses 5500 m² and 1900 m². There is also a 30,000 MT flat silo rented to a private company.


The port has 24/7 security guards on duty. The area is covered by CCTV. There are two gates to pass through along the private access road to enter the port. Security is managed by Tevassa. There is a high perimeter fence. The port complex is well lit at night and there are active security patrols. Terminal Varreux is adjacent to Cite de Soleil, a neighbourhood which experiences frequent gang-related violence. (July 2022)

Port Access

The entrance to Terminal Varruex is close to Cite de Soleil. This area is subject to frequent gang related violence. The road within the port becomes very muddy in the rainy season. At times the approach road is lined with tanker trucks waiting for a vessel to discharge.

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