2.1.14 Haiti Port of Miragaone

Port Overview

Key port information may also be found at: http://www.maritime-database.com

The Port of Miragoane is located at Reynolds Terminal, 3.2 km west of the town centre. It is an active import port and there is a regular service from Florida with used cars and second-hand clothes. There are frequent vessel calls. No data was available on the exact number of vessel calls. APN, SEMANAH and Customs are present in the port. The port is extremely well protected. There are two entrance channels, from the north and east-south-east. It is likely that the channel markers are not in place. Reynolds Terminal was the site of bauxite exports from 1960s to 1980s.

APN ports are free for use by humanitarian organisations carrying cargo that has customs exemption. Fees may be charged for warehouse storage or for truck parking inside the port perimeter.

Port Location and Contact



Province or District


Nearest Town or City

with Distance from Port

Miragoane (3.2 km)

Port-au-Prince (106 km)

Port's Complete Name

Port of Miragaone – Reynolds Terminal





Managing Company or Port Authority

Autorite Portuaire Nationale (APN)

Management Contact Person

Odregue Terezin- Port Captain +509 3732 6174

Roland LeConte- Security +509 3710 0277

Nearest Airport and Airlines with Frequent International Arrivals/Departures

Toussaint Louverture

Port-au-Prince International Airport

Berthing Specifications

The former bauxite wharf is now the principal commercial wharf. The northern side of the wharf has laid-up ships berthed alongside. The T berth at the end of the wharf is the main berth. The wharf is partially obstructed by the obsolete remains of the bauxite export conveyor. Cabotage vessels use the inner berths.

Main wharf showing laid-up vessels and old bauxite export infrastructure.  There are ‘dolphins’ at either end of the T berth to facilitate larger vessels. A Cabotage vessel is on the inner berth. Trucks can access the T berth.

There is a dedicated RoRo berth north of the conventional berth. The berth has a large mooring buoy for vessels to secure to when moored at the berth. There is a large hard stand for vehicles. There is sufficient space for 2 vessels, as pictured below.

RoRo berth has adequate fenders and bollards.

Type of Berth


Length (m)

Height of berth from sea level

Maximum Draft (m)


Conventional Berth



2.7 m

Reported to be 10 m

‘dolphins’ at either end of the berth increase the size of vessel that can be accommodated.

Roro Berth



1.1 m

Reported to be 10 m, but probably less

Enough space to accommodate 2 large roro vessels

Container Berth



Silo Berth



Berthing Tugs



Water Barges



Port Handling Equipment

There is no handling equipment.

There is a stevedoring company. Jean Robert Guerrier +509 3709 2644

Storage Facilities

There is an APN warehouse within the port compound behind the office. It is a corrugated iron and cement construction with a locked door. The building is in poor condition and not clean. Dimensions: 28x 18m


The port has 27/7 security guards on duty. Security guards are dressed informally and are heavily armed. The port is surrounded by a 2.5 m high fence. In some parts it is a wire fence and in others a cement wall. There is one entrance though a sliding steel gate. Overnight parking is available within the port. There is no electricity so although there are lights installed, they do not work. There are two generators adjacent to the APN office.

Port Access

Access is good for all sizes of trucks. The trucks do not have to pass through the centre of Miragoane.

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