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Port Overview

South Harbor is the part of Manila Harbor that has an area of about 145 acres encompassing five finger piers (numbered 3, 5, 9, 13, and 15 from N). They have a total berthing length of over 4331 m, providing docking. An additional 27 vessels can be accommodated at the anchorage. A barge point, capable of accommodating 30 barges or lighters, is also situated in the area a few meters across from Pier 3. 1.86 m and greater depths alongside the South Harbor berths have been reported. Mariners are advised to consult the port authorities for confirmation.

Port website:

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Port Location and Contact



Province or District

National Capital Region

Nearest Town or City with Distance from Port

Manila (Port is in city limits)

Port's Complete Name

Port of Manila (South Harbor)





Managing Company or Port Authority

Philippine Ports Authority (PPA)

Management Contact Person

Eligio P. Fortajada, Port Manager   


+63 2 8527 4424

Nearest Airport and Airlines with Frequent International Arrivals/Departures

Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA)

All Nippon Airways, Cathay Pacific Airways, Delta Air Lines, Emirates, Etihad Airways, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Qantas Airways, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, Turkish Airlines, United Airlines; Cebu Pacific Air, PAL Express, Philippines AirAsia.


Port Picture

Description and Contacts of Key Companies

Agency / Company
Focal Person
Phone Number
Philippine Ports Authority Eligio P. Fortajada Port Manager PMO NCR South +63 2 8527 4424
Bureau of Customs Noah M. Dimaporo Sub-Port Collector Sub-Port of Harbor Center +63 2 8480 1729
Asian Terminals Inc (Cargo Handler)

1 Bonifacio Drive corner Pres. Sergio Osmeña Highway, Port Area, Manila

+632 8 5286000
Harbor Star Shipping Services Inc (Berthing Tug Services)

2224, A. Bonifacio Street, Bangkal, Makati City, 1233 +632) 8553-1502 / 8886-3703

For more information on port contacts, please see the following link: 4.3 Philippines Port and Waterways Company Contact List.

Port Performance

Seasonal Constraints


Time Frame

Rainy Season


From Aug to Dec

Major Import Campaigns


From Oct to Dec

Other Comments

  • Interruptions of port operations during typhoons
  • Port containers congestion

Handling Figures for 2020

Vessel Calls


Container Traffic (TEUs)

1,042,120 TEU

Handling Figures Bulk and Break Bulk for 2020

Bulk (MT)

881,257 MT

Break bulk (MT)

1,102,197 MT

Discharge Rates and Terminal Handling Charges

For information on port rates and charges, please see the following link from the Philippine Ports Authority website: Philippine Ports Authority website




Cargo Handling Tariff: Foreign Domestic

Berthing Specifications

Type of Berth



Maximum Draft


Conventional Berth


178 m

11 m

 RORO capable berth

Container Berth


192 m

12 m

Silo Berth


Berthing Tugs


Harbor Star Shipping Services Inc  

Water Barges


 North Harbor Tugs

Berthing Facilities - South Harbor International Container Terminal

Pier Berth No. Length Depth Description
Pier 3

1 183 m 1.0 m Container, transshipment, reefer
2 165 m 8.8 m Container, transshipment, reefer
3 375 m 12.0 m Container, transshipment, reefer
4 375 m 12.0 m Container, transshipment, reefer
Pier 5 1 365 m 7.6 m Container, transshipment, reefer
2 365 m 9.5 m Container, transshipment, reefer
3 255 m 9.5 m Container, transshipment, reefer
4 255 m 11.3 m Container, transshipment, reefer
5 51 m 11.4 m Container, transshipment, reefer
6 615 m 12.0 m Container, transshipment, reefer
7 615 m 12.0 m Container, transshipment, reefer
8 615 m 12.0 m Container, transshipment, reefer
Pier 9 1 360 m 10.0 m Container, transshipment
2 360 m 10.0 m Container, transshipment
3 103 m 10.0 m Container, transshipment
4 360 m 10.0 m Container, transshipment
5 360 m 10.0 m Container, transshipment
Pier 13 1 127 m 9.6 m Ro-Ro/Lo-Lo, coastal
2 127 m 10.0 m Ro-Ro/Lo-Lo, coastal
3 127 m 6.7 m Ro-Ro/Lo-Lo, coastal
4 82 m 8.0 m Ro-Ro/Lo-Lo, coastal
5 127 m 10.9 m Ro-Ro/Lo-Lo, coastal
6 127 m 10.0 m Ro-Ro/Lo-Lo, coastal
7 127 m 7.9 m Ro-Ro/Lo-Lo, coastal
Pier 15 1 163 m 11.5 m Ro/pax, PCC, naval, general / bulk cargo
2 163 m 11.9 m Cruise, Ro/pax, PCC, naval, general / bulk cargo
3 103 m 8.8 m Ro/pax, PCC, naval, general / bulk cargo
4 178 m 10.1 m Ro/pax, PCC, naval, general / bulk cargo
5 148 m 8.5 m Cruise, Ro/pax, PCC, naval, general / bulk cargo

General Cargo Handling Berths

Cargo Type

Berth Identification

Imports - Bagged Cargo


Exports - Bagged Cargo


Imports and Exports - RoRo

Yes, Pier 13

Other Imports

Yes, Pier 15

Port Handling Equipment

Asian Terminals Inc is the port handler for Manila South Harbor.



Total Quantity and Capacity Available

Comments on Current Condition and Actual Usage

Dockside Crane


Container Gantries



Crane Gantries

Mobile Cranes





RoRo Tugmaster (with Trailer)


Grain Elevator with Bagging Machines





Rubber Tire Gantries



Container Facilities

Container facilities are operated by the Asian Terminals Inc Container Terminal Division (South Harbor).  ATI’s Container Terminal Division (CTD) is among the country’s major international trade gateways. CTD provides 24/7 arrastre and stevedoring services to international shipping lines along Piers 3 and 5 which have 5 working berths with draft of 12 meters. There are 9 ship-to-shore cranes, 23 modern rubber-tired gantries (RTGs), internal transfer vehicles and dedicated areas for reefer and dangerous cargoes and support facilities for stripping and stuffing, container freight services, x-ray examination and truck marshaling.

South Harbor’s multiple access gates are equipped with weighbridges and supported by automated truck queuing and call-up systems. The gates are installed with radiation detection portals for cargo security. Additional container yards are being developed within Manila South Harbor Expanded Port Zone, while deployment of new equipment and continuous systems upgrades are underway.

Berths: 5

Depth: 12m

Quay Cranes: 9

RTGs: 23

Others Equipment: Side loaders, Reach Stackers, Internal Transfer Vehicles, Forklifts

Reefer Outlets: 260

Truck slots: 250


20 and 40 ft

Container Facilities Available


Container Freight Station (CFS)


Refrigerated Container Stations


Other Capacity Details

Daily Take Off Capacity
(Containers per Day)

Number of Reefer Stations
(Connection Points)


Emergency Take-off Capacity

Off take Capacity of Gang Shift
(Containers per Shift)

Customs Guidance

Noah M. Dimaporo, Sub-Port Collector

Sub-Port of Harbor Center

+63 2 8480 1729


For more information on customs in the Philippines, please see the following link: 1.3 Customs Information. 

Terminal Information

Multipurpose Terminal

The multipurpose terminal is operated by Asian Terminals Inc (ATI) - General Cargo Division (South Harbor).

Berths: 4

Depth: 10.5 m

Warehouses: 2

Forklifts: 3 to 32 tons

  • ATI’s Manila South Harbor is a comprehensive international seaport providing full-range of port services.
  • South Harbor’s General Stevedoring Division (GSD) can simultaneously accommodate various ships from foreign cruise vessels, to sensitive military ships on goodwill visits, to international sea freighters that deliver conventional cargoes and oversized shipment for the country’s major industries.

Grain and Bulk Handling

Asian Terminals Inc built a new facility located at Mariveles, Bataan which handles grains and bulk shipment.

Main Storage Terminal

Storage Type

Number of Storage Facilities

Area (m2)

Bagged Cargo

Yes, 2 warehouses at Pier 15

Refrigerated Cargo

Yes, at the container marshalling yard

General Cargo

Yes, 2 warehouses at Pier 15


Stevedoring services are provided by:

Asian Terminals Inc (Cargo Handler)              

Head Office: Manila South Harbor,  1 Bonifacio Drive

Port Area, Manila

Trunkline: +632 8 5286000    

Hinterland Information

Transporter representatives must present approved cargo withdrawals / payment of all dues and taxes before transporting cargoes out of the Port. All types of trucks with different capacities can access the port considering the NCR LGUs that allow truck to travel from 10PM – 5AM.

Max load capacity per type of trucks strictly enforced in NCR.  For oversized load transporter must secure permit to travel from concerning govt agencies especially if using the NLEX / SLEX route.

Local containers can be withdraw depending of the services of the shipping lines Door to Door(DTD), Door to Pier(DTP) and or Pier to Pier(PTP). In a DTD shipping lines will cater all services from place of origin up to destination. In a DTP shipping lines will secure the cargo from client premises and withdrawal will be done by consignee at port of Destination. In a PTP, services will be done at Port of Entry and Port of Discharge only. Consignee will facilitate the cargo in bringing it to Port of Entry and facilitate also at Port of Discharge.

Port Security

PPA PMO Northern Luzon Port Police manage the deployment of local security services within the port premises. It has designated fire hydrant each wharf/pier. Fire engine boats can be deploy when necessary.


ISPS Compliant


Current ISPS Level
(Level 1 = Normal, Level 2 = Heightened, Level 3 = Exceptional)

Level 1

Police Boats

Coast Guard/

PNP Maritime Command

Fire Engines


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