2.1.11 Philippines - Luzon Port of Subic Bay

Port Overview

The Port of Subic Bay is a strategic regional gateway to Asia and has 15 operational piers and wharves plus modern terminals for cruise ships, fertilizers, grains and general containerized cargo. It is operated by the Subic Bay International Terminal Corporation (SBITC) and serves the industries located within the freeport areas as well as industries in Northern and Central Luzon. The freeport is also alternative international gateway to the Port of Manila.

In 2004, SBMA began constructing a dedicated container terminal, the New Container Terminal Compound (NCT-1), as part of its Port Development Master Plan. In October 2007, SBITC was awarded the Management and Operation of the New Container Terminal-1 (NCT-1). In April 2008, commercial operations commenced and container handling operations at the NSD Terminal were transferred to the NCT-1 located at the Freeport´s Cubi Point. As the NCT-1 terminal operator, SBITC is committed to further develop facilities and provide services at par with the world´s leading container terminals.

Port website:

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Port Location and Contact



Province or District


Nearest Town or City with Distance from Port

Olongapo City (within city limits)

Port's Complete Name

Port of Subic Bay





Managing Company or Port Authority

Subic Bay International Terminal Corporation (SBITC)

Management Contact Person

Subic Bay International Terminal Corporation

San Bernardino Road, Subic Port District, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Olongapo City 2222, Philippines

+ 63 47 / 252 6477 - Admin Office

+ 63 47 / 250 2252 - Operations Center

Nearest Airport and Airlines with Frequent International Arrivals/Departures

Subic International Airport

(no international flights)

Clark International Airport

Tiger Air/Singapore Air, Qatar Airways, Emirates, Jetstar, Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific

Port Picture

Subic Bay International Terminal Corporation Wharves

SBMA Wharves

 Alava Wharf


Boton Wharf

Bravo Wharf

Leyte Wharf

Marine Wharf

Nabasan Wharf

POL Pier

Rivera Wharf 

Sattler Pier

Description and Contacts of Key Companies             

Port Operator / Cargo Handler                                        

Subic Port District                                             

Subic Bay Freeport Zone, San Bernardino Road                                        

Olongapo City 2222, Philippines     

+ 63 47 252 6477 - Admin Office

+ 63 47 250 2252 - Operations Center

Berthing Tugs Services

Malayan Towage and Salvage Corp.

Administration Building, Bldg. 229, Waterfront Road, Subic Bay Freeport Zone

Trunkline Numbers: +6347.252.4000 / +6347.252.4004            

Trucking, Arrastre, Stevedoring

J.T. Cargo Handling & Port Services, Inc.

Lot 9 EMS Area, Perimeter Rd. Subic Bay Freeport Zone,

Olongapo City Zambales

 +63 47 252-76-40 /  +63 47 252-52-79

Bureau of Customs

Maritess T. Martin

Acting District Collector, CD13, Port of SUBIC

+63 47 252 7465

For more information on port contacts, please see the following link: 4.4 Port and Waterways Companies Contact List.

Port Performance

SBMA provides port transshipment, freight forwarding, cargo handling, warehousing and storage services. Its warehouse and storage leases processing plants, meat importers, fruits/vegetables importers for local and exports, ice makers/manufacturers. Port users are from from Northern Luzon, Central Luzon, and Manila. Other services are ship lay-ups, petroleum, oil and lubricants storage, import/export and/or transshipment, bulk grain storage. It is also a passenger and/or cruise ship destination.

Seasonal Constraints


Time Frame

Rainy Season


From August to December

Major Import Campaigns


From August to December

Other Comments

  • Interruption of port operations during typhoons.
  • Port containers congestion.

Handling Figures for 2020

Vessel Calls


Container Traffic (TEUs)

226,174 TEU

Handling Figures Bulk and Break Bulk for 2020

Bulk (MT)


Break bulk (MT)

7,094,000 MT

Discharge Rates and Terminal Handling Charges

Cargo Handling Tariff - SBMA

Berthing Specifications

Type of Berth



Maximum Draft


Conventional Berth


Container Berth


280 m

13 m

Silo Berth


300 m

14 m

Berthing Tugs


Malayan Towage and Salvage Corp

Water Barges


Subic Water Inc

General Cargo Handling Berths

Cargo Type

Berth Identification

Imports - Bagged Cargo


Exports - Bagged Cargo


Imports and Exports - RoRo


Other Imports


SBMA Wharves
Berthing vessels / Usage
Alava Wharf Naval vessels, passenger ships, ferries, general cargo

14.814499, 120.283256

520 m 18 m 12 m

Boton Wharf

(East Side - C2 and C3)

Transshipment vessels, fishing boats, bulk carriers, fertilizer terminal
  • 9 diesel storage tanks with capacity of 10 million liters per tank
  • 4 warehouses
  • administration building
14.793969, 120.288869 411 m 18.9 m 10.2 m
Bravo Wharf Cargo vessels, port service boats and tug boats
  • B-50 Crane operated by Translift (50 tons)
14.818614, 120.287486 411 m 15 m 6 m
Leyte Wharf Grain terminals operated by Subic Bay Freeport Grain Terminal, Inc.
  • 5 Grain Storage Tanks (57 mt/silo)
  • 3 Portal Crane with Clam Shells
  • Warehouse (10,000 sqm.)
  • Weigh Bridge
14.800839, 120.267733 300 m 32.5 m 14 m
Marine Wharf General cargo, RoRo, tug boats, tankers, fishing boats
  • 19 warehouses
  • 3 weighbridges
14.816369, 120.295369

East bulkhead: 237 m

West bulkhead: 35 m

MT-9: 12.9 m

East bulkhead: 237 m

West bulkhead: 35 m

MT-9: 12.9 m

East bulkhead: 237 m

West bulkhead: 35 m

MT-9: 12.9 m

Nabasan Wharf Maritime training facility (IDESS)
14.773753, 120.259056 180 m 18.9 m 14 m
POL Pier Tanker (privately operated by Costal Subic Bay Petroleum, Inc.)
  • 65 storage tanks with 10,000 to 200,000 barrel capacity
  • Tanker (DWT:50,000 tons max)
  • 4 fuel loading arms
14.808853, 120.294475 253 m 23.1 m 12.8 m
Rivera Wharf
  • Lay-up ships
  • Cable ships and any non-container cargo ships
  • General cargo vessels
  • naval vessels
  • small watercraft
14.813922, 120.288258 906 m 18 m 9 m
Sattler Wharf General cargo
  • Warehouse (18,338 m2).
  • Weigh bridge
14.816803, 120.293383 180 m 24.4 m 12 m

Port Handling Equipment



Total Quantity and Capacity Available

Comments on Current Condition and Actual Usage

Dockside Crane


For assessment

Container Gantries


4 quay cranes

Mobile Cranes


For assessment




7 - Loader stacker

2 – Empty stacker

RoRo Tugmaster (with Trailer)


20 tractor heads

20’ 40’ and 45’ chassis

Grain Elevator with Bagging Machines


SBMA Leyte Wharf






1 – 11.5T

2 – 3.0T

Container Facilities

Terminal Area 26.32 hectares
Annual Capacity

600,000 TEUs

Container Yard Storage Area 11.14 hectares
Container Yard Reefer Station 240 units at 440v
Berth Length 560 m
Berthing Positions 2
Berth Controlling Depth 13.7 m
Gates 12
Power Stations

2 units of 750 kVA Standby Generators each station, with a total capacity of 1,500 kVA or 1.5 mVA per Station.


20 and 40 ft

Container Facilities Available


Container Freight Station (CFS)


Refrigerated Container Stations


Other Capacity Details

Daily Take Off Capacity
(Containers per Day)

Number of Reefer Stations
(Connection Points)

Yes, 240 units 440v

Emergency Take-off Capacity

Give an indication

Off take Capacity of Gang Shift
(Containers per Shift)

Customs Guidance

Maritess T. Martin

Acting District Collector, CD13, Port of Subic

+63 47 252 7465


For more information on customs in the Philippines, please see the following link: 1.3 Customs Information. 

Terminal Information

Multipurpose Terminal - Marine Wharf

Marine Wharf
East Bulkhead 237 m 35 m 9 m
West Bulkhead 237 m 35 m 9 m
MT-9 98 m 35 m 9 m

Berthing vessel: General Cargo, RoRo, Cargo Ship and Tug Boat, Tanker, Fishing Boat

Facilities: 19 warehouses, 3 weighbridges

Grain and Bulk Handling - Leyte Wharf

Length: 300 m

Width: 32.5 m

Depth: 14 m

Berthing vessel: Grain terminals operated by Subic Bay Freeport Grain Terminals Inc

Facilities: 5 grain storage tanks (57 mt/silo), 3 portal crane with clam shells, 1ha WH, weighbridge

Main Storage Terminal

Storage Type
Number of Storage Facilities
Area (m2)
Bagged Cargo Yes – Marine Wharf
Refrigerated Cargo YES - CFS
General Cargo Yes – containerized only


The Port of Subic Bay is managed and operated by Subic Bay International Terminals. No stevedore as port caters only to containerized cargo, but piers and wharves are managed by the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA). 

Hinterland Information

SBMA issued guidelines for port procedures underlying the port operations and can be accessible on this link: Subic Port is managed by ICTSI as main contractor of port operations.  Import and Export Containers can be facilitated at the Port upon completion of BOC documentation and clearances.  Withdrawal of containers from the Port can be facilitated by shipping lines itself to its supply chain partners or by the consignee itself as long as cleared from Customs.  Bulk cargo withdrawal can also be managed at the designated wharf at the Port.

Port Security

SBITC and SBMA manages the deployment of local security services within the port premises. It has designated fire hydrant each wharf/pier.  Fire engine boats can be deploy when necessary.


ISPS Compliant


Current ISPS Level
(Level 1 = Normal, Level 2 = Heightened, Level 3 = Exceptional)

Level 1

Police Boats

Coast Guard/

PNP Maritime Command

Fire Engines


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