2.1.10 Haiti Port of Les Cayes

Port Overview

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The Port of Les Cayes is an import port, primarily cement from Dominican Republic. There are vessel calls approximately once per month. Vessels do not enter the port. They anchor in the roads and are discharged by small local craft with outboard motors. The port is quite exposed to the east and is likely to experience considerable swell at times. There are several reefs near the entrance and navigation is hazardous. The channel buoys indicated on the chart are not in place. The wreck of the Saint Simon is adjacent to the tourist wharf.

There is no commercial wharf.

APN, SEMANAH and Customs have offices inside the port. APN ports are free for use by humanitarian organisations carrying cargo that has customs exemption. Fees may be charged for warehouse storage or for truck parking inside the port perimeter.


Port Location and Contact



Province or District

Department du Sud

Nearest Town or City with Distance from Port

Port-au-Prince (200 km)

Port's Complete Name

Port of Les Cayes





Managing Company or Port Authority

Autorite Portuaire Nationale (APN)

Management Contact Person

Director - Saint Thomas Rochelle +509 3387 7733

Customs – Gary Clervue  +509 4878 9851

Nearest Airport and Airlines with Frequent International Arrivals/Departures

Toussaint Louverture

Port-au-Prince International Airport

Berthing Specifications

The port consists of 2 piers oriented to the East. The port is exposed to the East and experiences choppy conditions and heavy swell at times.  The pier withing the APN port is only suitable for small shallow draft vessel and is used by tourist boats servicing nearby Ile a Vache. The wharf is in good condition. The second pier belongs to the Coast Guard and is accessed via their secure compound. The Coast Guard would make the pier available. The pier has suffered considerable damage in the 2021 earthquake. It is not advisable to bring a vessel alongside to discharging cargo on this wharf. The area between the piers is being filled with rubble from cement buildings destroyed on the earthquake.

Les Cayes should only be considered if the operation suits a vessel being anchored offshore and discharging into small local boats. It may be possible to arrive at the shore with a landing craft, but extensive local knowledge would be required.

There is no formal stevedoring company. 

Port Handling Equipment

There is no handling equipment and no official stevedoring company. Cargo is discharged by small local boats.

Storage Facilities

There are no storage facilities.


In the APN port there is no security, no perimeter fence, and no gate. There are several private enterprises inside the port area including a bar. There are some street-lights which are reported to be working. There is no electricity in the port building, although there is a generator. The Coats Guard compound is well secured. There are security guards 24/7 and a solid perimeter fence. There is one entrance via a sliding steel gate.

Port Access

There is reasonable access for small trucks. Holes in the road make it impractical for large heavy vehicles.

Port Office and access road.

The tourist pier looking towards the port.


The coast guard pier from the coast guard office.

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