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2.1.1 Dominican Republic Port of Caucedo

Port Overview 

The Caucedo Sea Port is 25 km from Santa Domingo. It is the newest and most modern port in the Dominican Republic. The port has a container terminal, which is located next to Las Americas International Airport. The terminal was built in 2003 by the private sector.  The port also serves as a transshipment center. This port sees 30% of the maritime cargo movement in the Dominican Republic, only surpassed by the West Haina Port.  The port handles 52% of the DR container el cargo, focusing on regional transhipment and local cargo for global lines.  Through its expansion efforts, Caucedo has increased its annual capacity by 210,000 TEUs to 1.65 million TEUs since 1.44 million TEUs in 2013. An additional potential spring area of 1,771 feet is available beyond the existing berth, which could conceivably bring capacity to 2.5 million TEU in the future.

 Port website:

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Port Location and Contact


Dominican Republic

Province or District

Santo Domingo

Nearest city or city distance from the port

Boca Chica (12.6 km)

Full port name

Caucedo Multimodal Free Zone





Company Management or Port Authority

DP World

Management contact person

Iovar Medina, Logistics Director


Nearest airport and airlines with frequent international arrivals/departures

Las Americas Jose Francisco Peña-Gomez International Airport (SDQ)

Air Inerts, Air Caraibes, Airlines of Aserca, Condor, Cubana, Insel Air, InterCarribean Airways, JrtAir, Delta Airlines, American Airlines, Jetblu Airways, Laser Airlines, Seaborne Airlines, Pawa Dominicana, United Airlines, Venezuela, Spirit Airlines, Copa Airlines, Iberia, Air France, Air Europa, Avianca

Port Image


DP World Caucedo offers the following port services aimed at importers and exporters in the Dominican Republic, including:

  1. Secure storage of loaded containers.
  2. Assistance in customs verification with trained personnel and/or forklifts.
  3. Unloading of merchandise from the container to mobile loading platforms.
  4. Re-stoba of contained merchandise.
  5. Electricity service and refrigerated cargo monitoring
  6. Load handling oversized.
  7. Vehicle unloading
  8. Import vehicle storage monitored by a camera system and fully closed. The parking lot is managed and controlled by Zona Franca Multimodal Caucedo.
  9. Loaded goods in containers.
  10. Ground transportation.
  11. Rent of space in logistics park of Caucedo.

The port of Caucedo has a web access platform to view the status of the goods, trading, making dispatch, or collection appointments and declaring the weight of their exports. Their email address is For online consultation of each process:

Description and Contacts of Key Companies

Company Telephone / Fax Number Email Address Website

Apl E.T Heinsen, CXA

Tel: 809 221 6111 x 2238

Fax: 809 221 8686

Dominican Perez & CIA, CXA

Tel: 809 689 9111

Fax: 809 689 9111
Ageport, S.A.

Tel: 809 535 7758

Fax: 809 535 4116
CMA CGM Dominicana, SAS

Tel: 809 793 7020

Fax: 809 920 0492
Frederic Schad Tel: 809 221 8000 Ext 209
Maritima Del Caribe Dominicana SAS

Tel: 809 539 6611

Fax: 809 539 6409
Maritima Dominicana CXA

Tel: 809 539 6000

Fax: 809 539 7003
Agencies Navieras B&R, S.A.

Tel: 809 793 7251

Tel: 809 793 7185

E.T. Heinsen, CXA

Tel: 809 221 6111 x 2238

Fax: 809 221 8686

Maersk Dominican, S.A.

Tel: 809 732 1234

Fax: 809 566 5950
MSC Dominicana, S.A.

Tel: 809 381 1006

Fax: 809 381 1076
Marfret Ageport

Tel: 809 535 7758

Fax: 809 535 4116
Sealand 809-262-6333
Freship, S.A. 809 784 0700

For more information about port contacts, see the following link: 4.4 Dominican Republic Ports and Waterways Companies Contact List.

Port Performance

In its infrastructure and unloads, Caucedo receives about 24 boats per week, working every day of the year, 24 hours a day. Similarly, it can operate with two or three vessels simultaneously, depending on the size of the vessels. In twelve months they also receive about 800,000 20-foot containers. As for the storage of goods, the terminal can store 36,000 vans at 20 feet in the courtyard. It is capable of handling 1,200,000 vans yearly.

Web link to the relevant rates/rates:

Seasonal restrictions
  Occurs Time frame
Rains Yes June to November
Top import campaigns No N/A
Other comments N/A
Driving figures for 2018
Ship calls 1,180
Container Traffic (TEUs) 1,049,696
Handling bulk figures and bulk breakage for 2018
Bulk (MT) 32,660
Break Volume (MT)

Discharge Rates and Terminal Handling Charges

For information on port fees and charges, see the following link:

Link to the relevant general fare/tariff website: and

Container Weighing

For more information go to the following link:

Berthing Specifications

Type of bunk bed Amount Length (m) Maximum Draft (m) Comments
Conventional bunk bed 1 300 m 15.2 m
Container Berth 1 622 m 15.2 m
Silo Berth N/A

Berthing Tugs 3

Contact: Svitzer
Water barges 1

Link to relevant tariff/rates web page:

General Cargo Handling Berths

Type of load Berth ID
Imports - Bagged cargo N/A
Exports - Bagged cargo N/A
Imports and exports - RoRo N/A
Other imports N/A

Port Handling Equipment

DP World operates the port.

Team Available Total quantity and available capacity Comments on current condition and actual use
Dockside Crane Yes 8 Post-Panamax Crane (5)Super Post-Panamax Crane (1)Mobile Cranes (2)
Gantries Container Yes 67
Mobile cranes Yes 2 Mobile Gottwalt cranes
Reachstacker Yes 7 35-45 tons
RoRo Tugmaster  (with Trailer) Yes 73
Grain lift with bagging machines N/A

Transtainer Yes 23 55 tonnes
Forklifts Yes 13 13 tons

Container Facilities


20 and 40 feet

Container facilities available


Container Loading Station (CFS)


Refrigerated container stations


Other capacity details

Daily take-off capacity
(containers per day)


Number of Reefer stations
(connection points)

700 Mobile connections

Emergency take-off capability


Belt change capability
(per-turn containers)


Customs Guidance 

For more information on customs in the Dominican Republic, see the following link: 1.3 Customs information. 

Terminal Information

Main Storage Terminal

Storage type Number of storage facilities Surface (m2)
Bagged cargo

Refrigerated cargo

General load 43,800 TEUs 800,000


Stevedoring is provided by private companies as it is a privately owned seaport.  It is provided from 14 DWT to more than 40 DWT.

Hinterland Information

A transport union operates from this port, so all transport must be rented under union trucks.  They offer everything from container trucks to flat beds to 20-foot, 40-foot chassis.

Port Security

  • Secure storage of the loaded container
  • Assistance in customs verification trained personnel and/or hoist
  • Unloading cargo platforms from mobile containers for goods
  • Re-stoy of goods from containers
  • Electricity operation and refrigerated load monitoring
  • Oversized load handling
  • Download cars
  • Storage Import cars monitored by a camera system and completely closed
  • Parking is managed and controlled by ZFMC 


Compatible with ISPS


Current ISPS Level
(Level 1 - Normal, Level 2 - High, Level 3 - Exceptional)


Police boats


Fire Engines


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