2.1 Samoa Port Assessment

Samoa Ports

There are 6 ports in Samoa – 4 ports located on the main island of Upolo and 2 ports located on the island of Savaii.

The primary international port is Apia at Matauta, which provides facilities for international freight movements, including container ships, bulk petroleum products, cruise and other vessel arrivals, as well as some inter-island ferry services. Apia Port also handles around 5,000 mt per annum of the domestic inshore fishing industry catch.

Other ports are used only as domestic (inter-island) ferry terminals, or rarely, if at all. Whilst there are long-term plans to develop a port for cruise ships and yachts at Fagamalo Bay, a commercial port at Vaiusu Bay and the redevelopment of the port at Asau, there is no immediate funding plan for these projects.

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