Micronesia, Federated States of
2.1 Micronesia Port Assessment


Micronesia operates four international seaports, one in each state: Pohnpei, Chuuk, Yap and Kosrae. 

In Pohnpei and Yap the ports are managed by a Port Authority while in Chuuk and Yao the ports are operated through the Department of Transport and Public works. All four ports are in a protected Lagoon environment 

All ports are general ports and almost exclusively all in-bound and out-bound freight is containerised. While this is the case no wharf unloading container facilities exist other than a single 50 mt mobile crane in Pohnpei Port. All vessels visiting Micronesia's ports must have gantry cranes for loading and unloading. 

All ports have top Loaders or reach stackers for moving and stacking containers once unloaded. Most equipment is in serviceable condition. Small numbers of key handling assets create a vulnerable point to reliable goods handling in the case of emergency.  

In Pohnpei Port planning is well advanced to extend the current port footprint to increase container storage space and provide additional berthing to accommodate the fishing fleet and domestic shipping. This will allow dedicated berthing for international freight services. Estimated completion is two years. 

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