2.1 Kyrgyzstan Port Assessment


As Kyrgyzstan is landlocked, there are no seaports. There are also no inland waterways with transport capacity in Kyrgyzstan. Possible seaports for importing goods are:

1) Riga, Latvia on the Baltic Sea, which is 4,744 km by train from Bishkek. For further information please see the 2.1.1 Latvia Port of Riga Port Assessment or this link:

2) Poti, Georgia on the Black Sea is 2,977km by train from Osh. For further information -

3) Vladivostok fish port, Valdivoskok, Russian Federation is 8410 km by road. For further information -

For distance to port information, please see the 2.4 Railway Assessment section.  The Freeport of Riga is a significant part of global and regional cargo supply chains and passengers traffic network in Baltic Sea region, providing safe and reliable services. Last time only Riga has been used and mainly to import vegetable oil, as other goods have been sourced in Russia or locally.

Several companies are available via link

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