2.1 Kiribati Port Assessment

Kiribati Ports


Kiribati Ports Authority (KPA) operates the two main ports-of-entry. The first is on Tarawa right at the edge of Betio lagoon, which also accommodates the main headquarter office. Port capacity is limited by port handling equipment. There are no dock cranes. Feasibility of further port development to provide deep water berthing sufficient for larger international ships is under study although the cost would be substantial. 

The second port-of-entry, Navy Harbour, is located at London (Ronton) on Christmas Island to serve the Line and Phoenix Islands.

Both ports have customs present and import and export cargo primarily using 20 foot containers utilising ships’ onboard cranes.

There is a third port, the Port of Banaba (Ocean Island), that was primarily used to facilitate the export of phosphate for fertiliser from the island. Since that resource has been depleted it is now only used by inter-island shipping to service the resident population of 280. It can only accommodate small boats that transfer goods from larger ships anchored offshore.

All the outer islands require larger ships to anchor off and transfer cargo using small boats to beach landings or jetties.



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