2.1 Iraq Port Assessment

Iraq has a single sea outlet on the Arabian Gulf through the Basra Governorate in southern Iraq with a coastline of 58 km long, and this represents 1.6% of the total borders of the Republic of Iraq, which amount to 3,809 km. All of Iraq's major ports are located within the administrative boundaries of Basra Governorate in the Zubair and Al-Faw districts. Iraq also has some small ports overlooking the Tigris, Euphrates, and Shatt al-Arab rivers but they are functioning are small scale for neighbouring counties.

Iraq is working to increase the carrying capacity of its ports through the establishment of the large port of Faw and the increase of berths in the existing ports. Iraq also has some floating oil platforms for exporting oil. The Umm Qasr North Port is Iraq's principal port, followed by Umm Qasr South Port and Al Maqal Port near Basra to a lesser extent, as well as subsidiary ports along the Shatt al Arab. The Maqal port has been temporarily closed, according to the General Company for Ports of Iraq (GCPI) in Basra.

Commercial Ports
  • Umm Qasr Port
  • Khor Al Zubair Port
Oil Ports
  • Basra oil Port
  • Khor al-Amaya Port
River Ports
  • Abu Flous Port
  • Maqal Port
Ports to be completed Great Port of Faw. Is under construction and expected to be one of the biggest ports in Basra/Iraq. No further information was obtained.

The Shatt Al Arab River delta is seen in the satellite picture below. Draught is limited to 5 meters, while access to Umm Qasr is preserved at a depth that allows a maximum vessel draught of 11 meters. Pilots are stationed off the coast. The tidal range is between 3.0 and 3.4 meters.

At Umm Qasr South Port terminal operators Gulftainer and CMA CGM are handling containers, Iraqi Port Authority (IPA) is handling bulk and general cargo.

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