2.1 Guatemala Port Assessment

Guatemala's port infrastructure consists of two ports on the Atlantic coast: Santo Tomas de Castilla and Puerto Barrios, and three in the Pacific side: Puerto Quetzal, Puerto de San Jose and Champerico. Port Quetzal and Santo Tomas de Castilla, are government ports with duties and responsibilities defined by the Constitution of the Guatemala. Puerto Barrios is a government onerous usufruct to the Chiquita Brands Company that will continue for 37 more years.

The National Port Commission is the government entity responsible for providing support, coordination, technical expertise to improve the management of the Guatemalan ports and their exposure to the world market. The CPN comprises of representatives of the port companies, relevant government ministries as well as representative of the private sector.

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In the Atlantic coast, the ports are located at 295 Km from Guatemala City, and in the Pacific Coast,  Puerto Quetzal, and Boyas San Jose are located  100 Km from Guatemala City. Puerto Quetzal has all the infrastructure for exporting sugar, mainly by Expogranel.  The port has the more efficient sugar loading terminal in Latin America.  Also, the port has a Liquefied Gas Terminal (LPG), a Coal Terminal and a Terminal for Cruises.

Boyas San Jose is mainly used for bulk liquids, petroleum, and molasses. It is a terminal that works with mooring buoys at high sea, for the mooring of vessels working with hose connection of landing and shipping, to and from deposits on land.

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