2.1 Dominica Port Assessment


Dominica Ports

Dominica is located at the Northern end of the Windward chain of the Lesser Antilles. It is the largest of this island group, lying between the French Overseas Departments of Martinique to the south and Guadeloupe to the north. 

Dominica has three main ports that provide for large cruise ships and transportation of goods in and out of the country: Roseau, Woodbridge Bay and Portsmouth. They are regulated by the Dominica Air and Sea Ports Authority (DASPA). 

Most of passenger ships dock at Roseau Cruise Ship terminal which is located in town. The port of Woodbridge Bay is mostly used for cargo, is about 2 km north of the city. Some smaller cargo ships may dock at the port of Portsmouth Ship facility on the north-western tip of the island, about 42 km northwest of Roseau. 

Freight traffic is dominated by containerized cargo, which in recent decades has been handled by five main shipping lines. Tropical, King Ocean, CMA CGM, Sea Freight, and Geest Line together dominate the Caribbean market. Most of the routes covered by these shipping lines are “feeder routes” that use Miami as their main hub and Trinidad and Tobago and Vieux Fort as regional transfer hubs between vessels.




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