2.1 Bangladesh Port Assessment


Bangladesh Ports

As a country situated by the sea Bangladesh has a large coastline of 580 km spread across the southern part of the country where it is joined with the Bay of Bengal. The ports situated by the sea have given Bangladesh opening for business, economic growth and a connection with the rest of the world. Although still being a developing country, like most of the developed countries majority of the economy in Bangladesh depends on these seaports, as 90% of the export and import both are conducted through these ports. There are 3 seaports in Bangladesh at present. The largest one Chattogram and second largest Mongla are in full operation. The third in size and capacity Payra port is partially in use. A fourth one named Matarbari seaport is on its way to be opened and become fully functional very soon. It is that to keep a smooth flow of commercial transactions proper development, managing and directing these seaports with utmost efficiency is essential. For this reason, these seaports are directed under Ministry of Shipping in Bangladesh.

For information on Bangladesh Port Network contact details, please see the following link: 

A detailed list of the transit times of ocean freight from other ports to the port of Chittagong can be found here:

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