2 Kyrgyzstan Logistics Infrastructure

The transport infrastructure of the Kyrgyz Republic is not well-developed, though much effort is made by the Government to improve the situation. The primary mean of transportation remains road transport. Road transport represents above 90% of all cargo turnover in the country. The next popular transportation mode is railway due to low costs. However, it needs to be mentioned that railway infrastructure is poorly developed and Kyrgyzstan’s rugged terrain makes it difficult to build additional railway capacity. Country has a rail net connected to Kazakhstan in the north and to Uzbekistan in the south and do not have its own rail network.  Railways are primarily used for passenger transportation to Kazakhstan and Russia and for fuel cargo from Russia and Kazakhstan. Air cargo, being the most expensive way of transportation, is fairly well-developed. International Airport Manas has one terminal and provides a complete range of logistics services.

Kyrgyzstan is a land-locked country and does not have access to waterways and ports. The only waterway that exists in the country is at the Issyk-Kul Lake. Transportation there only includes commuting between local ports and is primarily focused on tourist passengers.

Railway is not a very popular transport in the Kyrgyz Republic, since it is not very well developed. The primary cargo flows via the railways are exports from Russia, such as: various construction materials, including wood and metal; and fuel, etc.

Over 90% of all consumer goods are transported via roads making it the main mode of international transportation infrastructure for the Kyrgyz Republic. Largest trade partners – China, Turkey, Iran, Russia and Europe – all use road transportation for bringing all kinds of consumer goods. The total length of roads in the Kyrgyz Republic is 34,000 km. Roads in the Kyrgyz Republic can be divided into 2 groups – strategically important state and international roads, and in-country local commuting roads.

There are 11 airports in the Kyrgyz Republic. Four of them have international flight processing capacity. Manas International Airport in Bishkek is the largest and best-equipped airport in the country and is equipped for heavy aircrafts landing. Manas Management Company handles all airfreight. It also manages modern warehouse space with temperature control and other features.

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