2 Kiribati Logistics Infrastructure


There are 670 km of highways in Kiribati (1996 est.) of which 33 km are paved in South Tarawa (2001). The longest stretch of road travels from South Tarawa to North Tarawa. 

The nature of the island group means that road transportation can only be used on a localised level between villages using privately owned small trucks (1-5 mt and pickups).  Inter-island transport is by small ferries (up to 70 pax) and outboard-powered runabouts. 

Freight and shipping to Kiribati is serviced by sea, and to an extent air. Major couriers and shipping firms, such as DHL and UPS, provide various freighting services to the islands, generally to Tarawa and Christmas Islands, and then transhipped to the outer islands by smaller coastal shipping. 

The main ports can be found on Betio islet, near Tarawa (Port of Betio), and Christmas Islands (Port of Navy Harbour). The ports at, Betio and Navy Harbour are operated by the Kiribati Ports Authority, the statutory body responsible for maintaining and coordinating the nation’s port facilities. Provision for handling containers is available at Betio and Navy Harbour (20 foot only), while Banaba has a cantilever that is used for phosphate loading.There is a small network of canals, totaling 5 km, in the Line Islands.  

There are 22 airports in the country of which 4 have paved runways. Nauru Airlines (formerly trading as Our Airline), Solomon Airways and  Fiji Airways Ltd service Bonriki International Airport and Cassidy International Airport international airline connections.Fiji Airways currently flies twice-weekly from Nadi International Airport to Bonriki, and weekly to Christmas Island.  

Kiribati has two domestic airlines: Air Kiribati Ltd and Coral Sun Airways. Both airlines are based in Tarawa's Bonriki International Airport and serve destinations across the Gilbert Islands. The domestic carriers serve neither the Phoenix nor Line Islands.  Air Kiribati operates weekly flights between Christmas Island and the other 2 inhabited islands (Fanning and Washington) in the Line Group. 

A causeway upgrade from Tarawa and Betio Port is being funded by Japan; this will improve connectivity between the main port and the main population base of Tarawa. Completion is scheduled for April 2018.  

The Ministry of Communications, Transport and Tourism Development is responsible for developing and regulating the sector. 

There are commercial warehousing options in Tarawa and Christmas Island. Most permanent storage in the outer islands consists of 20 foot containers. However, there is plenty of other potential storage and distribution centres utilising churches, meeting houses (Maneaba) and schools if required in an emergency. 

There are ongoing planned projects at the international Airports and Ports of Entry as well as water and solar power projects on the outer islands to improve facilities and infrastructure. International donor bodies (European Union, Asian Bank and various foreign Governments (incl. NZ, Australia, Taiwan) assist with funding some of these.


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