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Country name:


Official country name:

Republic of Iraq

Assessment dates:

From (Month / Year):

January 2015

To (Month / Year):

March 2015

Name of Assessor:

Roberto Marazzani

Title and Position:

Logistics Cluster Consultant

Contact (email and phone number):

Logistics Cluster Country Contact

Cameron Kiss

Logistics Cluster Coordinator

Individual Page UpdateDate of Update
1.3 Iraq Customs Information

September 2016

2.3.1 Iraq Border Crossing of FishkhaborAugust 2017
2.3.2 Iraq Border Crossing of BashmakhMarch 2016
2.3.3 Iraq Border Crossing of MunthyraMarch 2016
3.4 Iraq TelecommunicationsJuly 2016
4.2.1 Government Contact ListJuly 2016
2.2.2 Iraq Erbil International AirportNovember 2016
2.2.3. Iraq Sulaimaniyah International AirportNovember 2016


Table of Contents

1 Iraq Country Profile

2 Iraq Logistics Infrastructure

3 Iraq Logistics Services

4 Iraq Annexes