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PLEASE NOTE: This assessment was carried out in 2009. Information will be updated as soon as possible. 

Central African Republic Milling Assessment

MAÏSCA (Maïserie Centrafricaine) is the only mill in the Central African Republic, established in 2003. The company’s milling facilities are located in Bangui. It should be mentioned that MAÏSCA has already supplied non-fortified maize meal to WFP.

For information on Central African Republic Milling contact details, please see the following link: 

4.2.4 Central African Republic Storage and Milling Company Contact List

Milling Company: MAÏSCA

Company Name & Address

Contact Names & Email

Telephone & Fax


Bimbo constituency

Name: Mr. Tchokam

Title: Chargé de missions

Email: n/a

Web: n/a

Tel: +236 21 61 81 50

Fax: n/a

Summary of Role and Services: n/a



Security (Good / Poor)


Compound (Fenced / Not Fenced)

Other Commentsn/a


Distance from main town (km)

Bangui, 9 km

Travel time if not located in town (hours)


Road condition to Mill


Road limitation (if any)

Maximum Width and Max. Tonnage


Rail connections

(Yes / No)


On the railway from




 Other Comments

Milling Capacity (Mt)


Daily Capacity (mt)

Monthly Activity (mt)


60 metric tons

22,000 metric tons (annual)

Storage Capacity

Storage in Metric Tonnes

2,000 metric tons

Capacity to Blend

Following request from WFP, MAÏSCA installed fortification facilities in his factory and can therefore produce fortified maize meal.

Transport Capacity at Mill

MAÏSCA has a fleet of 6 trucks for a total loading capacity estimated around 115 metric tons.

Additional Notes

Ratios The different ratios observed during the milling of maize grain are as follows: - Gritz: 42% - Flour for human consumption: 40% - Flour for animal consumption (provenderie): 10% - Germ: 8% Loading/Discharge Rates The average loading rate in the Central African Republic is around 700 XAF/MT. This rate should normally apply In case of purchase with MAÏSCA. 1.1.4. Cost As per a recent quotation submitted to WFP, the cost of the maize meal produced by MAÏSCA was 380,000 XAF, including the transport/delivery at WFP warehouses in Miskine/Bangui.